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How did the universe come to be? The answer lies in this very first myth.
                   Trish          Mythology Part 1, Origins
A long, long time ago, there was no reality. Nothing could be seen, nothing could be touched, nothing could be heard. There was nothing. But suddenly, like the blink of an eye, the first ray of existence came about, and the first known material ever seen was formed: Light. The light slowly shaped itself to a figure, this figure could move, talk, and feel. It even had a mind of its own and had the intelligence to do something with its surroundings. The figure felt as cold as a glacier in his empty universe, so with the rays of light that it has been given, it shaped itself a cloak to keep warm. Finally realizing that he could use light to create anything, he designed a golden staff for him to use. After much thought of what he should do next, he decided to give himself a name. That name was Isolys, and to this day he is known as the god of existence and time.
Isolys saw nothing but light and darkness and thought that all of this was too little for how much space was available. So, he decided to create even more than what he carried. With his rays of light, he shaped the world. He created earth, which was only a small ball of rock. Soon, he expanded everything further than the earth and created space. Even when he saw his universe made before him, everything still seemed dull. Then he realized that, nothing moved but him! He decided that his universe was too big to share by himself and created a figure out of light, which was different from what he made before. This figure took the shape of a man. When it finally took its full form, it could be seen with the stars of the universe in its large, and bushy hair, as well as on its body. It was given the name Nova. Isolys commanded him to become the guardian of outer space. And he did. He will soon be known as the god of the stars.
While Nova took care of creation of galaxies far into the infinite abyss of space, Isolys saw the earth that he sculpted and decided to get to work on it. So, he created 4 new figures to help design this planet. He gave them the names Cavenous, Peris, Hilo, and Atomass. Cavenous was a large, titan-looking figure made of solid rock. It appeared to be strong and muscular, like it could lift an entire planet with its hands without a problem. Cavenous was ordered to create the structure of the earth. So, he designed rocks, mountains, and many larger rocky landforms. Peris was much shorter, and weaker looking than Cavenous was, but you could see the creativity and intelligence in his eyes. He had a gray beard and wore leaves all over his body. Peris was ordered to create the first bit of life on the planet. So, he chose to invent plants and covered all of Cavenous' rocks with them. Hilo was a thin, blue figure, that had fins and flippers instead of arms and legs. He appeared to be covered in scales but contained hair on his head like his fellow brother, Peris. Hilo was ordered to give the planet an energy source for him and his brothers and to make the planet less dry. So, he created water, one of the most valuable substances known to man. Atomass was a large figure, and always had a wise expression on his face. He wore a bright robe and had a white beard that was puffier than Peris' was. Atomass was ordered to create a protective layer guarding the earth from the deadly, scorching sun Nova created. So, He created the sky and covered it with big, white, and fluffy clouds. These four gods became the guardians of Earth and built their kingdoms within the domain.
After some time of living on their new planet, Peris got an idea. "Hey, everyone, come to my kingdom in the forest, I have something to tell you all!" So, the Guardians of Earth went to visit Peris and heard him out. "So, what's this all about?" asked Cavenous curiously. Peris looked at his three fellow guardians excitedly. "I have called you here today because I believe we should create more life here on our lonely little Earth." He replied, then paused for a moment. "After all, this is our planet, and I'm sure Isolys wouldn't mind." Hilo then began to speak. "Hmm. this may not be a bad idea, but what would we create? More powerful beings like ourselves?" Peris began to shake his head. "No, no, no. We can create beings that are smaller and more fragile than us. Creatures that will recognize us for our power." "Like what?" asked Atomass, with a brisky tone. "I call it, man. A species containing intelligence and different personalities. They will appear very similar to us, but less powerful." Peris explained promptly. "Ok, well, sounds like a plan to me." Said Atomass. Peris then began to design what he called "man". Then, after finishing his creation, he decided to make even more new creatures. He created thousands of different species besides man. Animals of all kinds, cats, bugs, fish, and even monsters such as The Kraken.
Peris rested from his creating when Isolys took a visit to Earth, to see all of the Guardians together. As Isolys approached, levitating down from the sky, Peris stepped in front of his 3 brothers, and looked prepared to speak. "Wow, what interesting living beings you have made." Said Isolys, as he landed. "It's amazing how they interact so freely, with their personalities and social behaviors." Peris then replied, enjoying the praise given by Isolys' response. "Thank you, it wasn't easy at all. 'Man' was by far the most difficult species to create." Isolys then began a slight nod. "Well, you certainly did an excellent job." He stated, voice full of praise. "Here I have an idea." Isolys then went back to his kingdom to create another figure made of light. He then brought the figure back to Earth. "Here, this is Tyros, the god of fire. He will help you in the creation of Earth. He can use what is called fire, as a source of light, heat, and even as a punishment for disobeying humans." Tyros was a large figure. He wore what looked like heavy steel armor and contained piles of muscle. He also wore a shaggy red beard, that took the shape of what would soon become a flame. Tyros looked upon Peris, with bright eyes full of wonder. "It's nice to meet you all, may I assist you in the creation of your world?" asked Tyros hopefully. "Ok..." All of the guardians replied, though all of them had skeptical looks on their faces.
"Oh yes, and just one more thing." Isolys began to explain to Tyros how fire was a very powerful tool and must not be abused or used as a source of anger. Tyros made a promise to him and then gave his fire to the humans. Over time, Tyros began to enjoy using his power and even bragged about it in front of the other gods. He kept on telling them how he was better than them and could use his power for more uses than any of the other gods could. When Peris and the other guardians had enough of him, they held a meeting in the forest. "This has got to stop! Tyros is being too cocky, and he has no right to call his power better than ours!" Hissed Peris angerly. "Well, what can we do to punish him for his actions?" Asked Hilo. Peris then turned to look at the ground. "I have an idea..." Replied Peris lightly. After they had finished discussing their plans, the guardians travelled to Tyros' small kingdom and attacked him when he was completely unaware, and then locked him up inside a large cage made of stone. "Hey! What is going on here?!" yelled Tyros out of anger and surprise. Hilo looked at him with a look of triumph on his face. "This is what you deserve for bragging about your power and calling us weak!" He said with a snarky voice. The 4 guardians laughed at him and slowly walked away. "NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!! HOW DARE YOU!!" Tyros was angry, he did not believe he deserved a punishment for what he did.
Isolys was completely unaware of Tyros being locked up and took another visit to Earth. "Ah, I see all of your creatures are living well with the fire Tyros brought you." He said. "Yes, the humans love us for the world we made for them. Everything is going great!" Said Peris happily. "By the way, where is Tyros?" Asked Isolys out of curiosity. "Oh, he's just taking care of something that doesn't involve us." Hilo lied with a sneaky tone. "Ah, well that's good, I look forward to meeting you and checking up on this planet again. Goodbye!" Isolys then flew off into space to go and talk to Nova.
After a few days since Tyros had been forced in his cage, sat on the cold, hard floor of the stone and vowed revenge on his 4 older brothers, swearing with every breath he took. Then, his power became great and sent an enormous blast of fire to break open the cage doors. The guardians were completely unaware of his escape. "Yes! My time has come for VENGEANCE!" Tyros laughed dreadfully. He left earth and went to Isolys' kingdom when he wasn't there. After he had arrived, he entered and then stole massive amounts of light away from him without permission. "With this light, I will create my own gods! And begin my own powerful army!" The rays of light he held in his hand melted into darkness. Using all the hate he had in his heart, he crafted 4 mighty figures. Dravid, the god of souls, Kyrin, the god of darkness, Quintou, the goddess of pain, and Lucrida, the goddess of nightmares. Dravid wore a cloak similar to Isolys', but it was black and full of tears. Body on the other hand, was made entirely of bones, and skull with a scar occupied the location on his head. Kyrin appeared to be wearing full steel armor, hiding the mysterious shadows from the inside of him. All that could be seen through his helmet were 2 white eyes. Quintou appeared to be the most crippled of all of the figures. She had a blood stained eye, no legs, deadly sharp teeth, and an empty spot where an arm should have been. Lucrida was a mysterious-looking figure that had shadowy black hair, and half faded arms.
After Tyros had created his new comrades, he spoke with a malicious tone. "Now that you 4 have been made, I'm ordering all of you to DESTROY the guardians of Earth. But first, lets have some fun and hurt these "Human" creatures created by Peris." Snarled Tyros, while a deathly grin appeared on his face. The Tyros then sent the four out on their missions, he explained beforehand what each of their roles would be. Dravid was said to create death and steal human souls after they die. Kyrin was said create fear and darkness on Earth, so no human would live without a little scare. Quintou was said to bring every ounce of pain humans experience. This included disease, hunger, bleeding, and many other forms of suffering. And Lucrida was said to give humans fear and pain while they sleep.
Tyros then turned his focus completely on the guardians. He and his army traveled in a fit of rage and attempted to ravage the four kingdoms. Dravid attacked Hilo, Quintou attacked Peris, Kyrin attacked Cavenous, and Tyros took care of Atomass. When Tyros had arrived at the sky kingdom, Atomass was very shocked. "How... How have you returned? We locked you in a very tight cage." He spoke with a shaky voice that contained massive amounts of fear. "FOOL!" screeched Tyros angerly. "Don't you know that my power is greater than all of yours combined? I can easily get past a few pathetic little stones." "No... NO. THIS CAN'T BE!" Atomass quivered in fear. Tyros then struck a large and powerful flame at his head, killing him instantly. "One down, 3 to go!" He hissed and laughed. He then burned the sky kingdom to the ground and left. The attacks on the other 3 gods were not as successful as Tyros' had been, however. Dravid, Kyrin, and Quintou, were all driven away by the guardians. Though, much damage was still done to their kingdoms.
"Master, we tried, but we couldn't do it." Said Kyrin lowering his head. "That's ok, I was able to kill one of them myself. Plus, you did exceptional damage on their kingdoms. I am proud." Replied Tyros. "Thank you master, but... might I ask, what will we do tomorrow?" Asked Kyrin. "Oh, tomorrow? We're going to go and kill Isolys, all 5 of us together." He said boldly. "But won't that be very dangerous?" Asked Quintou quite cautiously. "No, not at all. I stole power from Isolys' kingdom to create you 4, so I can use that power to destroy him. It will be easier than killing a mortal creature!" "I sure hope you're right!" said Dravid, with a slightly confident tone.
The next day. Peris held another meeting in his burnt forest for a kingdom. Cavenous and Hilo arrived looking devastated. "Now, I'm just as shocked as you two are about the return of Tyros, and we're all very sad about Atomass' death, but we MUST find a way to stop Tyros and his army before he harms Isolys!" Said Peris with determination. "No! We need to grieve for the death of Atomass! He was one of the four guardians, he deserves a proper burial." Replied Hilo, with large amounts of sadness in his voice. "We can do that AFTER we defeat Tyros, right now we need to stop him!" Cavenous climbed up atop his mountain and saw Tyros and his gods heading for Isolys' kingdom. "Guardians! Tyros is going to attack Isolys now! We must leave at once!" Cavenous shouted from above. Immediately, they hurried to Isolys as fast as they could to stop Tyros before the god of existence was killed for good.
Meanwhile, Tyros and his army arrived at the steps of Isolys' throne. "Ha! Ha! I've been waiting to do this for quite some time now!" Tyros sneered. "What? How did this happen?" Asked Isolys, extremely surprised. "I don't need to answer that, because in a few moments you'll be dead and won't have to ask questions ever again." Hissed Tyros. "WAIT! STOP!" Screamed Lucrida, tears in her eyes. "Don't hurt Isolys, he doesn't deserve this!" Tyros turned to Lucrida, his eyes blazing with fury. "You can't tell me what to do! I'm more powerful than you are, so step aside, fat pig." Sneered Tyros furiously, looking back towards the god of existence and time. Suddendly, Lucrida spoke up again, this time even louder than before. "No, I won't let you hurt Isolys! I now realize that killing isn't right!" Cried Lucrida. Tyros glanced at her once again, looking never before so angry. "So now you're going to disobey my orders? Well then I guess I'll just have to kill you first!" Just as Tyros blasted a fire ball directly towards Lucrida's face, a massive wall made of water blocked the way. The wall was created by Hilo. "I should've known that you were going to attack Isolys next! This needs to end Tyros!" yelled Hilo with confidence. "Great! Just my day, first I deal with a bratty little traitor, and now I have to worry about this stupid guardian now too!?" Tyros yelled angerly. "It's not just Hilo." Came the voice of Peris. Soon after, Cavenous followed quickly behind him. "Argh! Could this get any worse?!" Then, without another word, he commanded his comrades to attack. Then, the battle began.
All the gods savagely fought in the throne room of Isolys. Lucrida sent a large ball of gas into Dravid's face, Tyros blasted fireballs, nearly roasting Peris to oblivion, and Hilo struck Quintou with his wall of water. The battle raged on, and soon Tyros and his army were put down at last. "Now we must kill you all for your crimes." Hilo declared. "No." said Isolys with confidence. "The proper punishment, is to lock all of them up in a new prison, deep underground in a dimension where Tyros' flames can't break through." So, Isolys and the guardians agreed and sent the 4 gods to their prison deep to a dark and sad place, which would soon become the underworld. And these gods, will become known as, The Scorned Gods.
The guardians soon after filled Isolys in on every event that had previously happened. "Wow, that's terrible, So I guess we really couldn't trust Tyros after all." Said Isolys shamely. "Yeah, it's a good thing we got him taken care of, but what will we do about Atomass?" Asked Peris. "We must have a ceremony to celebrate his life and death, honoring him for everything he has done, and soon after we need to replace someone to take the head of the sky kingdom." Replied Isolys. This ceremony became the very first funeral. After that event had taken place, Isolys and the other gods returned to their duties. Peris, Hilo, and Cavenous began rebuilding all of the kingdoms on the earth, and Isolys started to search for a replacement for Atomass. Soon, he found someone with a brave and loyal soul, that will certainly make a good future ruler. He was a little human boy with bright blonde hair, and his name, was Zyrna.
After everything was finished and done, Isolys still had another concern. What should he do about Lucrida? She fought on the side of the guardians, and spared his life, so surely, she deserved some kind of reward? Isolys found Lucrida sitting just outside his kingdom and went to talk to her. "Why did you decide to help, rather than to harm us?" asked Isolys curiously. Lucrida glanced up at him. "I just feel that what Tyros was doing was wrong, and that killing is never a way to solve a conflict." She replied with pure honesty in her voice. "Well, I'm glad you chose to make the right decision. I will therefore, reward you with a kingdom of your own. What do you want?" Isolys asked. Lucrida looked down again, attempting to hide the shame in her eyes. "I was born to be the goddess of nightmares and hurt humans while they sleep, though this is not really what I want. I don't know what else I can do with my power besides that." Lucrida replied grimly. "You know, you don't have to be the goddess of nightmares. You can just be the goddess of dreams and help humans out inside their minds." Said Isolys. "Wow, do you really think I could do that?" Asked Lucrida. Isolys nodded slowly, then said in a bright tone, "Yes certainly, your kingdom will be within the minds of the people, create their dreams every night and give all of them the thoughts they truly deserve." He said. "Ok! I'll do it!" Lucrida exclaimed excitedly. And from that day forward, she became the goddess of dreams, creating the stories that rests in the minds of the people at night. Sometimes they are nightmares, because of their bad actions, or sometimes they have good dreams, because they did a good deed. Yes, Lucrida was indeed ready to begin her new life.
After the events of Atomass' death and the great celestial battle, some time had passed, and Isolys had finally at last settled a stable kingdom. Now, the future looked brighter for "man" than they ever were, even with all the horrors brought upon by Tyros.
But questions still remain. what would happen to The Scorned Gods down in their new prison? And what would Zyrna have that could take on the new leadership position in the skies? All these thoughts Isolys knew he had to address soon. But all he truly felt at the current moment, was that he did it. He had made the universe, time, and living creatures. And they were all created from only rays of light.

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