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A very true ghost story that's spine chilling and unbelievable at the very best.
         I decided to pass on a true story to you all, which is unbelievable at best. It surpasses the "Amittyville Horror" by leaps and bounds, and like I said this story is unbelievable, but it's very true. First I would like to say that I'm not going to use any real names in this story, or even tell you the exact location of where this story takes place, other than it did happen in the United States of America. The reason for this is because this story is very real, and I don't want any reprisals from this world or beyond.

         Let me now give you some history of where this story takes place. This story does take place in the Southern part of the United States. This area was first inhabited by native American Indians, who were being persecuted by European settlers. As a matter of fact both roads and towns in this area are named after Indian terms and words. Later when the Indians moved on, there were big Southern plantation houses scattered around this area. Tobacco and warm weather crops were farmed throughout the whole area. In the 20th century textile mills moved in, and dammed up the local rivers for their use. Thanks to the government and their NAFTA bill those companies are now gone, and the houses they built to house all of their workers are still here today.

         Now the old timers say that when they built all of these houses, that a horse drawn saw mill came into the area. The men cut down all of the trees in the area, and built these old mill houses by hand. These houses are constructed very well to hold up throughout the test of time. All of these houses are constructed on small lots, and there is only about fifteen foot of land separating each of them. This way they could get more houses on the high ground. Those old timers knew not to build houses on low lying ground, like they do today, because of 100-year flood plains.

         Now that I have given you a short history on the area, let me move on to the house that I live in. I moved into this house about 9 years ago. The previous owner had been living in this house since about 1933, and he passed away here from natural causes. The next house that's only fifteen feet next door a very nice old lady lived there when we moved in. I only really met her one time, at which time I hugged her thin frail body. She had a very big family, and she was a Sunday school teacher for 50 years. She passed away seven years ago in October. No one has ever stayed a night in her house since she passed away. I have only been in that house one time before her death, and I wouldn't step one foot back into that house if my life depended on it.

         My daughter lives just 15 feet on the other side of that house. She has lived there for a little over four years. I knew the previous occupant very well. I would see him all of the time, and he was married and had small children and pet dogs. They all just simply vanished one day with all of their belongings. No one saw them move, a moving van, or has ever seen them again. This is very strange in my book, because he was born in this area, and has lived here all of his life. Before they lived in this house some sisters lived there. They had been in this house since 1938. They had the most beautiful flower garden in the back yard that anyone has ever seen. That garden which includes roses was the envy of the neighborhood. One day a daughter of one of the sisters was killed in a car accident, and no one went into that back yard ever again. That is except for me, and I cleared at least thirty to forty years of neglect and growth out of that back yard. I even uncovered a long forgotten out house when I was cutting back there. I hauled somewhere around thirty truckloads of cut wood and brush from out of that back yard, and I'm still not finished. I have been in that house well over a thousand times. Fifteen feet on the other side of that house an elderly man lives. He's a very nice man who's well in his 80's, and he's lived there all of his life. His wife passed away many years ago, and he has been living there alone for a very long time. I've been in that house maybe about half a dozen times.

         Now if you are all still with me here, let me continue on. I realize all of that information was rather long, but trust me, it was necessary for what I'm now about to tell you. My daughter just told me this story the other night, and it still hasn't completely all sunk into my brain yet. Where these houses are today, there was a plantation house sitting here a long time ago. We now know this, because my daughter's sister in law explained all of this to her. She has a very special gift which I didn't know about until my daughter told me this story. She can see things that other people can't, and this is the part where some of you may have a problem believing this story. But that's okay, because I know now that it's very real.

         I'm not sure of the dates, but I'm going to start researching this entire story. According to my daughter's sister-in-law, a long time ago there was a plantation house here that burned down. A plantation house would have been considerably bigger than my daughter's house, and therefore it would have most likely covered the land on the adjacent properties. When it burned down, a lot of people died in this fire. Of those people some of them obviously decided to stay around in my daughter's house. It's a two-story house with a very old hanging oak tree out in the front yard, which might somehow mean that was how the old plantation house lined up. Upstairs is where most of the activity took place. In her bedroom a servant woman, who was not very nice, would remove stuff out of the closet and set the stuff on her bed. My daughter would even try putting stuff in front of the door to keep it closed, but somehow the door always managed to open back up. (Lacking any other word, I'm using the word ghost.) This same ghost would come downstairs and create lighted orbs in front of the television, and one night even choked my daughter until her eyes went to the back of her head. Believe it or not, this isn't even the interesting part of this story.

         I'd like to pause for a moment and point out how it was truly amazing back in those days just how many few fires actually occurred, especially since everyone cooked with wood stoves and had open fireplaces for heating. Imagine having real lighted candles on a Christmas tree! Of course those trees had been freshly cut and decorated on Christmas Eve. Occasionally someone would lose a tobacco barn from overheating, but in those times fires were quite rare.

         It's time to move on to the other occupants of this house, which explains why that old plantation house burned down. There apparently was an old nanny, who also wasn't a very nice person. She was very mean to the children, who she was entrusted to and suppose to be taking care of. There were three little boys, and this Nanny would put them into a dumb-waiter, as a form of punishment, which is like a little elevator to move items from floor to floor. One day the little boys made a fire inside of the dumb-waiter to stay warm, and in return the entire house burned down to the ground killing everyone who was inside of it. My daughter's sister in law said that these three little boys would be upstairs playing at night with my grandson. My grandson is now five years old, and he's also autistic, which means he can't tell us what exactly is going on. My daughter said that she could hear the floor creaking at night, but couldn't put all of this together at the time. Another thing that we have all come to realize is that every night when my grandson would go to bed his room was clean and all of his toys were put up in the toy boxes. Every morning, and I mean every morning, every single toy was out of the toy boxes and spread across the entire room. We always thought that this was a lot of work for just my grandson to do, but it's not a lot of work if four little boys were playing with all of those toys, as it seems now that must have been the case.

         Even after death, these three little boys were still being treated mean by the Nanny. This went on for well over 100 years. She even somehow was mean to my little grandson. I picked up my little grandson from day care, and he would spend time with us in our house before I would walk him home. Sometimes he would be kicking and screaming when I took him home. According to my daughter's sister in law, that mean old nanny would be waiting down at the bottom of the staircase for him. The Staircase is right across from the front door, so there the nanny would be every time we came in the door. I myself have never laid my eyes on this mean old nanny, but I promise you that my day will someday come. The nanny would give me a wide berth and steer clear of me as I entered the house every time. My daughter's sister in law has also brought to out attention that the ghost of a white dog follows around behind "ME" when I come over. I'm almost positive that this is the spirit of my beloved dog who passed away over 10 years ago. My question here is - Is my dog's spirit making this nanny move out of the way? One other thing I need to pass on about this same stair case is that months ago my daughter's old pet hound dog fell somehow down the stairs and broke his neck. He died about two hours later. Thinking back to this moment - Is his fall down the stairs connected to these uninvited house guest, and not a freak accident?

         My daughter's sister in law also walked through our house, and said that we didn't have any ghost present. However she did say that there was an extreme amount of negative energy in the house, which came from me. If anybody out there has any ideas on what I can do to reduce this negative energy, then I'm all open to any suggestions. This same negative energy may be the very reason that the mean old nanny stayed clear of me as well. As I said before my daughter's sister in law is a very special gifted person, and she helped each of these ghost pass onto the other side. This all happened about a year ago, even though I myself have just been told this story.

         Today there is still one ghost left in my daughter's house. According to my daughter's sister in law, who spends a lot of the time at the house, It's the spirit of my grand children's grand pa. He passed away earlier this year, and he comes and plays with both my grandson, and 2-year old grand daughter. He also likes to disconnect some electrical equipment, and my daughter just leaves that particular equipment unplugged unless they are going to use it.

         I'm still trying to let all of this sink in, and I'm working on finding everything that I can about that old plantation house and the people who lived inside of it. I believe every word of this story, and as I think back I can put a lot of the pieces together of this puzzle. I'm not going to debate this story with anyone out there, and trust me it's very true, and it's the most unbelievable story on all of the hub pages. One thing I will say before I let you all go is that I'm almost fifty-years old. What that means is that I don't have eternity left here on this earth. The first thing I'm going to do when my magic day comes to walk up those old weathered wooden steps through the heavy mist and fog, to that great old thick wooden door is to find that mean old nanny, and deal with her my way!

         I've done some research, and in keeping with the policy of not naming any names, I'll tell you what I've discovered so far. Most of what I've learned is either from my daughter's sister in law or from over the Internet. The library, court house, registrar of deeds, and the tax office, which I've all visited in person haven't been all that much help as of yet.

         The ghost or spirit who was responsible for removing items from the closet was a Confederate war widow, with a war pension. All of her information is now public record in the state archives. She applied for the widow's claim for pension act of March 11th, 1885. Her husband lost his life in consequence of a wound received in battle in 1864. His place of death was listed as the county courthouse, which was a common practice used back during the war when they were unsure of the exact time and place where the soldier's life terminated. Her application was correct under the act, and she met all of the qualifications for a widow's war pension. She was a bonafide resident of the state and county, she did not own either in her own right or in the right of her late husband property of an assessed value of five hundred dollars, she was not in the receipt of a salary or fees arising from any office in the County, State or Nation, to the amount of $300 annually, and finally she had never remarried. She passed away over 117 years ago on April 25th 1895. I am starting to believe that she was not connected to the other occupants of the house in any way, but I may be wrong.

         I don't as of yet have any more information about the plantation house itself, but I am determined to find out all that I can. My daughter says that you never know what's going to be turned on in the house when you walk down stairs. It could be a toy, lights, an electronic device, anything. To be perfectly honest with you, it's even creepy just writing this, and everything makes me jump.

         There has been one new additional spiritual visitor to the house that we know about. I'm certainly not going to use any names here, and I may have even known or seen this young man personally. There was an extremely dark presence felt though out the entire house by everyone, so my daughter's sister-in-law was called back onto the scene. She discovered a young fifteen year old boy who refused to talk with her in anyway what so ever. He wasn't the least bit cooperative with her, but she was however successful in helping him cross over to the other side. She told us all that this fifteen year old boy committed suicide back in 2005.

         I'm starting to believe that the land here where the plantation house once existed is causing all of this ghostly activity. Also the other night when I went to visit my grand daughter for the 700th straight day since she was born, I saw my daughter's sister-in-law over at the house. After I left she softly told my daughter that the ghost of the white dog was still following behind me. My beloved dog Dewey passed away over 10 years ago, and he was white. It's really comforting to me to know he's always by my side. He also might be the very reason the mean old nanny backed away from me every time that I approached the stairway.

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