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Writing Prompt #3. Sweet nothings is a reminder we hold memories close.
3. The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.

With my feet in the sand, laid back on the beach towel, head to the sun and listening to the sound of the waves crash against the beach, I am dreaming to be back here more and more. I can travel to beaches by boat, plane or car. I prefer the car rides though. They are more adventurous. Driving down the highway, windows down and singing until our hearts are content.

While we are in the car, we sometimes stop at random cities. Each city is a new name, new story, and new memories. I love it when we go to these old western salons, dress up as a saloon girl and him a cowboy. Taking pictures of me whispering sweet nothings and dragging him by the collar of his shirt to another room or him sweeping me off my feet over his shoulder and taking me to his truck. I wish to stay in this truck forever. Looking over and seeing his smiling face, holding hands and rubbing our thumbs on each other’s palms.

Traveling across the states feels like traveling across time. Time would stand still at some points especially when we reach the Northern Lights. Daylight for 6 hours and night feels like ages. Sitting in the car on a lunar eclipse, on the tailgate of a pickup truck watching the men rope steers, or even sitting in a field with the truck’s headlights pointing at us to give some light to our midnight picnic.

The truck is the first placed I kissed him. The first place he took me to a dance and we danced all night long, kicking off our boots and laid together for hours watching the stars dance and see the sun creep over the horizon and dreading letting go of one another. The best place to be and remember is the car we loved. Sweet memories come and go. The car is still the same. A little rust under the hood but still runs like new. The car that drove me to the beach to sink my feet in while I am here in my sweet lovers arms.
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