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The devastation of a break-up on Valentine's Day.
Valentine’s Day was
A fun time of year.
We had
and flowers;
Then we’d have
some cheer.

Valentine’s Day
was so
special for us;
But this
you started to

I never heard
such vile
words before.
You were
extremely nasty
and stormed
out the door.

I stood
there wondering;
What the hell
went wrong?
Did I say
something to you,
which didn’t belong?

You never did
return my way.
I thought this
was to be,
our own

I dropped
to the floor,
crying so loud.
I never hurt
this way,
I felt
so cowed.

Now Valentine is
just another day.
Can a heart
be repaired;
To celebrate
in that same,
special way?


Authors note:

About the last paragraph phrased as a question; The answer to this question, is yes it can be and it and has celebrated 37 Valentine's Day since then.
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