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When an icon takes you out for your birthday...

Dinner Date
by Kelly Lee

Strange, isn't it?
My birthday falls on October 28, three days before Halloween. And, who do I invite to have dinner with me?
Yes, Dracula. That Dracula. The one and only.
Why, you ask? Curiosity, I suppose. To see if he's as scary as he seemed to be in legend.
Guess what? He's not. Oh sure, he has his charms and he likes to make people think he's frightening. But in truth? He's a push-over. A sucker for flattery, good conversation and good company.
And before you ask, no he doesn't look like actors Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman or Luke Evans. He's just an average looking guy with dark brown hair, pale blue eyes, and of average height. Plus, he dresses well in his Armani suits and is well groomed. His attractiveness comes from the fact that he is easy to get along with and be around. Is that because of his vampire wiles? Perhaps. But who am I to judge?
We were seated and handed menus. Naturally, he picked a nice restaurant, and requested a table for two. I do believe he was trying to seduce me, as our table was in a nice little corner with candles on it.
“Drink?” I asked.
“Why, yes,” he replied.
I rolled my eyes heavenward. “Wine, silly.”
“Oh,” he grinned at me, fangs flashing.
“You're funny,” I said, grinning back.
Dracula shrugged. “I try.” Then, he chuckled. “What shall we eat? What sounds good to you?” His rich, Romanian accent seemed to make every word sexy as hell.
I arched a brow. “I know what sounds good to you. But we are here to eat actual food.”
Those pale blue eyes fixated on me. “What a pity.”
I gave him a stern look. “Vlad... Behave.”
A hearty laugh ensued. “I am, as they say, yanking your chain.” His eyes twinkled. “But I shall behave.”
“Good. Now shall I order for both of us?”
“Why, yes, my dear, please do!”
The waiter takes our order: steak. Of course.
Dracula's is rare....

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