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A poem I wrote shortly after a rough breakup. My only poem.
I lay deep in thought
And I cannot forget
How I lost my love
And the things I regret,

How I long to see her,
To listen to her voice,
And to tell her I’m sorry
For making the wrong choice,

How I walked her home from school,
Holding her by the hand,
And how I felt being next to her,
My heart beating like a marching band,

How I told her I loved her
Before we said goodnight,
And how I wrapped my arms around her
As we held each other tight,

How the kiss we shared
Was now a distant memory,
And how the thought of losing her
Was like an illness with no remedy,

How we would cuddle for warmth
In the cold of December,
And how the love I had for her
Is all I can remember,

How I looked into her eyes
As I told her how I felt,
And how I wish I could take back
All the damage I had dealt,

How our love could’ve ended so quickly,
With just the slam of a door,
And how I can’t bare to accept
That I won’t see her anymore

How I thought what I felt for her
Was greater than life itself,
But now she’s just a memory,
A photograph sitting on a shelf,

And how I thought that what we had,
Was a love greater than the moon,
But, just as everything else in life,
It ended all too soon...
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