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Me trying to describe what instant chemistry feels like
I had no idea, or clue, about buying a car. I was soo clueless, in fact, that I got lost on the way to your car dealership, by mistake, because I was supposed to be driving to another dealership when I accidentally drove in the opposite direction of the highway, instead, eastbound. I told my dad that I knew where I was going, and that I was miss GPS, but obviously synchronicity had different plans. I was starting to sweat under pressure that I would never be able to find the big ‘M’ sign until it peaked through just above the horizon.

My inner city chick scanned the empty car yard as she begged for me to hop back in the car again and drive off somewhere else, but then it was too late. An older gentleman had popped his head around the corner to offer a friendly hello which in sales person language meant, ‘are you going to buy something, today, or waste my time?’

It was obviously the former and I was obviously awkwardly shy. I think i managed to muster out a noise that resembled something along the lines of a ‘yea’. But alas synchronicity had other plans, again, because he went back inside and had you come out, instead. You looked soo young, but your handshake felt like you should’ve been double your age. It felt firm enough to let me know that you were confident and friendly, but not cocky. I couldn’t hide it inside, though, your squeaky, clean, shaven, no stubble face, groomed suit, and after shave had me some type of way.

You had an excellent poker face, too, because just like a game of chess, I couldn’t tell which way you were steering the conversation. I was certain that we were only just talking about cars, but then suddenly the tone changed when I felt your eyes linger a bit too long on mines. It was fleeting, and quickly over, but before I could register what just happened you invited me and my dad inside to chat a bit more.

It was soo huge, grand, and spacious inside. Everything looked soo white that the tiles on the floor shone brighter than my future. Your desk was sat right in front of a large open window and from where I sat I wondered if you had seen me before outside. Momentarily zoned out for a few milliseconds day dreaming about another life I clapped back into reality when you shifted your attention to me.

My heart starts to do jumping jacks even at the thought of public speaking, but it went into complete shock when your eyes shifted underneath my gaze, again. It was like my intuition knew what flirting was but then my brain just thought that I had something on my face. So I fake a distraction by clumsily fumbling through my bag for my notebook which I had pre-written 20 car related questions.

You burned through them like they were a stack of dominoes, dancing around each question, coyly, trying to claw more information about me and my personal life. Questions like what my favourite colour was, how many siblings I had, what I did in my free time or the colour of my eyes threw me off guard, especially the last question.

It was like time just stood still for a second, or a car crash happening in slow motion. You sat there, so calmly, soo coolly, leaned over soo intimately with your hands crossed together staring at me flirtatiously from across the table, like you knew we were already lovers. And then you said with a hint of playfulness underneath your breath, ‘You have really beautiful eyes.’

My cheeks ignited into bright orange flames that they looked like the colour of a xtra flaming hot red cheeto chip. I was a bundle of excitement and embarrassment, especially the later if it weren’t for my dad sitting just right next to us! And I thanked the lord that he couldn’t understand a word of english.

And exactly a whole year later, here I am hyperventilating, like a school girl with a crush on a hot teacher, just like I did on that day. I had to pinch myself to make sure that this wasn’t a dream, that you did actually ask me out, and that I did just spend the most amazing night with you laughing and acting like a goon. I couldn’t help it, your squeaky, clean, sexy, shaven, no stubble baby face, and after shave had me some type of way, especially how you made me wet with the way you ran your tongue in my mouth and touched me. But for the first time ever in my life, a person that I liked liked me back.
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