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Hidden beauty in unexpected places
As daylight fades in autumn skies
And birds wing home 'mid clouds on high
My eye is drawn to such a scene
As mortal eye has often seen,
Yet glances o'er the setting fair
And only heeds his worldly care.

Yon' setting sun has cast his beam
(So golden bright its colors seem)
Against a stand of verdure tall
That sends its shade to cover all;
For tall indeed are oak and pine
And beechwood, fir, and maple fine.

The sunlight sets their leaves aflame
Like glist'ning fur on lion's mane,
Or armies bearing torch of gold
Their steady tread to thus embold:
So lights the sun the forests dark
And streams forth rays where timber parts.

Tho' shade enfolds the forest glade
In gloom so drear of shadow made
(Yet mortal eye doth see it not
Unless it be with grandeur fraught),
Yet beauty hid in darkness dim
Is set ablaze at daylight's end.
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