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An Unseen Observer tells All


WC 169

I saw the note on the table. Then I heard the scream. It had been building for some time, that much I can tell you. Jodie and Tom were a volatile couple. Seems one fed the other, so to speak. I wanted to tell them so many times, just be quiet. Don't feed each other!

Jodie would start, usually. "Tom, how many times .....!" Didn't matter what the subject was. It could be socks on the floor, or dirty boots on the floor, or t-shirts on the floor. It usually was something left lying about.

And then Tom would start on her "I've heard enough! Why don't you stop complaining about .....!" And he would start. Oh the times. Well, you don't want to know how many times.

Finally, Jodie had had enough. She wrote a note. But it was too late. Tom saw the note as she packed in the other room. And then he started again.

I was so sad I was the fly on the wall.

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