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I wrote this thinking that it would be an inspiration to anyone going through a tough time

Beams of a Sunlit Shining Star

Beams of a sunlit shining star take me where the people are. Many memories of where I'd like to be, are many places of things I'd like to see. I remember the days when people were kind. I could picture the images inside my mind and plainly see where the scenes of life would take me. I could also picture images from the past forwarding into the present. The images that make me feel bad, afraid of the future, and wishing for the things I had, remind me of the present.

A special shining star, sparkling in the sky, leads to a person with eyes of blue, doing the best they can for me and you. Brightening the pathway where darkness stood still, beams from a sunlit shining star will lighten up.

Beams of a sunlit shining star will perform acts of outstanding humanitarian deeds, turning me into a decent, loving, and kind human being. By taking uplifting steps, the battle can be won when I rise to overcome my despairing feelings

A fretfulness of discouragement hinders the qualities that make me who I am. The beams from a sunlit shining star take the mysteriousness out of the tunnels of doom. Circling around and around until the traps had been released, my energy was trapped by worries. Cleansed by the very part of me, which had been darkened by excessive soul searching, gave me a feeling of refreshment.

Beams of a sunlit shining star gave substance of camaraderie to friendships worldwide. The oneness of two people who want to marry, devotion, or commitment are two things you wouldn't want to miss.

Transitioning from a weeping willow tree to a tree of life, the beams from a sunlit shining star will make a historical revelation of factual dates. Perfecting all things bright and beautiful, like a burst of spring full of flowering buds, the fragrances in the air will make you feel gorgeous all over.

Beams of a sunlit shining star are the difference between who you think you are and who you are.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Saturday, June 29, 2019

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