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A young girl realizes what she has, and it is something special.
To me, the night is a performance, with the moon being the main focus. For some reason my eyes always landed on the stars, the ones that are just there, never the ones beaming across the sky with bright light. At night everything was quiet and my imagination took over. I could imagine the whole night sky in my bedroom once I turned away, as if I was able to pick up a star with my hands, and how I wish I could. My eyes would be on them for so long that even when i was finally able to shut them, the stars would fill my dreams. Though some people get bored of the same things over and over, that isn’t me, i find something new to love about the night sky everytime I see it. I find new constellations and create a story on each. I softly closed my eyes and a bright light came into my room, i figured i had been asleep the whole time and it was morning, which i never looked forward to. My eyes fluttered open, to see a small star, though i know this isn’t how they look when you are close to them, i could see it as a small light just floating right in front of me. I quickly emptied my mason jar filled with beads onto my floor and brought it around the star as it was now inside the used to be empty container as I placed it on my desk. My eyes studied the jar filled with light as i wondered how this would happen, but then I realize, i have captured the stars.
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