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Story ideas
Story Ideas

Story Ideas in the Rough

**If Chosen, include more development:

1. Idea: An alternate world ruled by a fair and just king, queen, and their son, the prince who is soon destined to be King - A evil XXX (warlock) who wants to take over the the rule and will stop at nothing.

Can be worked in: some pts below will need to be removed, turned around,or changed:

A young woman is from the colony of Gray Witches located between the the colonies of the White Witches
And the Black Witches. These colonies exist and are protected on the third level within the earth. It is forbidden by the law for the colonies to intermarry between each other and/or humans. To do so is punishable by banishment. (Character name) is caught having a forbidden love affair and both are banished.

Need to work out Government Structure, society norms, culture, laws

A. The King does not hold the absolute power when it comes to enforcing the laws of this land XXXX. There is a high council of twelve magical people (wizards) - some of whom are loyal to the the evil XXX ( warlock).
B. Penalty of Death, along with other harsh penalties, had been abolished over 200 years prior and banishment is considered a fate worse than death because they totally disappear physically and is never seen again.
C. No one (except one of the high councilmen and one other person that he trusts) knows where they go except it occurs after passing through the Black Portal. The evil ( XXX?) (warlock) is also unaware that this knowledge exists.
D. Something happens ( by the hands of the evil (XXX?) and the King’s son is arrested and sentenced to banishment in one week.
E. Failing to prove his innocence he is banished.
F. Have Problems be occurring in the alternate world leading up to the banishment.
G. A down-on-his-luck detective is taken to Kazaar and hired by the King to find his son and prove his innocence after the King discovers that no-one with his skill existed because severe punishments been abolished, and lawyers were a thing of the past.
H. This planet is important because it governs the Plants 5

Possible “The Star Buster
G. While chasing a suspect here on earth (choose city) the PI accidentally discovers an secret portal. He enters and is immediately drawn into a parallel universe. After he is cptured, his profession becomes known and the King has work on his son’s case and later begin to solve crimes. His skills has not been need for sometimes because of the governmental structure.
1. He has no choice but to accept
2. The point comes when he has has to choose whether or not to return
3. He finds love.

After Banishment:

Remember: Magic has its rules and the rules must be followed. This case: it can not be undone. Is it true magic or a mysterious evil doing.

Must have the following both before and after Banishment:

(1) Magic system - What is the Magic system of this world and how does it work? Who holds it? Is it purposeful?

(2.) What is the setting of this world? Location, culture, language, landscape, inhabitants?

(3) Who are/will be the main and complex characters of this story?

1. Councilman Wizard Guntertropfen
2. Councilman Wizard Stockterbrock
(4) What is the central conflict of this story?

A. Situations?
B. Inner conflicts, experienced by characters
C. Small-scale conflict, experienced between characters
D. Large-scale conflict, characters are up against a powerful external force

(5) Power structure/ system of government?

A. He is sucked from his world into the real (present) world where nothing that he was familiar with existed. (or so he thinks)
B. He begins a quest to try and find his way back.
C. Problems begin to happen in the real world that ran parallel to those that happened in his world.
D. He is committed to an asylum and with help escapes. Just one of several obstacles.
E. The person who helps him escape is/was a former prisoner that was banished, an escapee, male or female?
F. How does he receive/perceive this world?

Questions/Possible Problems/Brainstorming ideas:

A. Where in this new world does he emerge? Does that have anything to do with finding his way back?
B. Does he come in contact with anything that even the people who occupy this new world don’t know is there?
C. In this new and different world, nothing that existed in his world exists here, and nothing that exists here exists in his world. Does he to put the world right again. have any problems with, cars, trains, planes. What does he see them as? Get a job? How does he earn his keep? Does any of this play out in the story?
D. At one point does he need to choose between staying or returning? What does he do and why? What happens if he returns? Stays?
Is this present world in some sort of jeopardy? Is it dependent on him to help it? What is it that threatens it? What must he do to help it? Does he want to? What skill does he need and does he have it? If not, how must he acquire it?

2. Idea: Or # 2 to be worked in around some points—Global Warming:

1. The King is kind and just but is on his death bed. He summon his servant to fetch his son - the sevant is a midget name Artus.
2. The King tells his son that he has magically received word that the world will soon disintegrate if a certain item is not recovered by the day of creedan.
3. The King states that he has absolutely no idea as to its where-abouts or what it is, but gives gives a compass claiming that it will lead him to the area necessary to begin his quest and that he will be met.
4. Before he can begin his quest, the evil XXX?(warlock) has him charged with a serious crime, arrested and banished. Inciting incident?
5. What he seeks is a young maiden, but he and everyone else is unaware except the evil XXX? (warlock) because he wants her for himself. It is only she that give him the power of Creedan by becoming his wife.
6. The Black Witch, Arylanna, and the grey witch, Phyonna, both want the evil XXX? (warlord) for themselves.
A. Try to prevent the finding of the magic artifact. Will do anything.
B. Feud between themselves.
C. He doesn’t want them and his power outmatches theirs.
7. He finds the magic forest and the entrance to to the core of the the earth. After much danger and turmoil, he finds the girl and frees her withthe help from the dragons that have guarded and cared for her.
A. Both much survive much danger and turmoil as they search for the gateway back to their own world.
B. Both must make the choice whether to return or not.

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