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Obesity and overweight

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Obesity and overweight

Obesity has been a growing concern as people are increasingly adding weight resulting in the disease. This paper will at obesity, its causes, symptoms, and solutions.

Obesity is a disease that involves excessive body fat in the body. It is a medical problem that brings about health problems and other diseases (Al-Khaldi, 2014).

Other than genetic factors, the disease is caused by metabolic, hormonal as well as behavioral influences that depend on the patient's nutrition. It disease occurs when the affected person takes a high amount of calories that the body can be able to burn (Alqarni, 2016). These calories are stored by the body in the form of fat making the affected person overweight.

The major causes of obesity are poor nutrition habits of taking food with high calories and fat content. A sedentary lifestyle has also been a major cause of the disease. Hormonal changes that can come as a result of lack of enough sleep may make somebody crave high calories food resulting in obesity (Al-Khaldi, 2014). During pregnancy, women are usually at risk of having obesity. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the disease has been more prevalent to women as well as men who are increasingly taking food with the high calories content.

Some of the symptoms of the disease include increased weight, increased sweating, breathlessness as well as inability to deal with sudden physical activity (Alqarni, 2016)

The disease and be dealt with and its negative effects can be reduced. Some of the solutions include taking more vegetables and fruits, whole grains and nuts. Regular exercises also play a very significant role in dealing with the disease.

In 2018, 43.6% of male and 34.8% of women in Saudi Arabia was obese (Brazier, 2018). This means that this is one of the most affected countries in the world as a result of their lifestyle.

A graph of obesity distribution among Saudi Arabia's boys and girls below 18 years in 2018



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