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An encounter. Daily Flash Fiction Entry


s the scattered trees gave way to fields of grain the young woman in the blue and white sundress walked along the dirt road. The blue sky was clear and cloudless so when the odd-shaped craft appeared in the distance it caught her eye right away. It looks like a ball with an upside-down saucer stuck to the bottom. It zigged and zagged around then made straight for her. It descended, deploying landing legs and landed about 10 yards in front of her in a whirl of dirt and debris.
         The young woman quickly opened her handbag and pulled out her phone. She frantically pressed the on the button, only to be greeted by a picture of an empty battery.
         "Crap," she said.
         A doorway opened in the ship and a long ramp came out stopping two yards from her. A tall, thin being walked down the ramp. It looked like a human except it was very thin and tall. It stepped off the ramp and made a complicated gesture with its hands.
         "I don't ... I don't ... Uhm," she said, paused then added. "Hi?"
         "We come in peace, be calm, you are not alone and," the being said in a rush with an odd accent, paused then continued. "You have 20,000 cycles around your sun until the Bezelleans arrive. You have been warned."
         The being turned around, marched back up the ramp, and within a few minutes, the craft was airborne and heading up and away at a fast clip.
         The young woman stood clutching her phone staring after the rapidly disappearing aircraft. She looked around but she was entirely alone on the dirt road. She sighed, put her phone away and muttered, "What are the odds that would happen twice in one day?"
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