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Sometimes complacency can cause us to forget what we have fought for in life.
The life we live is the one we made for ourselves. No one ever did it for us. Through actions or our inactions, we walk the line of life in the image of America. We and we alone are the cause of our problems and successes. We fight each other while shaking each other's hands. We let the basic human instinct of animal behavior govern our lives. Sometimes, though, our minds push aside that instinct and our intelligence blossoms. Our home begins to build and develop.
Grinding our feet into the soil we begin to mature. Stretching like a newly sprouted tree, humans reach out across the Earth both embracing and destroying it. We marvel at its beauty and magnificence while, at the same time, wiping it from our minds.

However, overindulgence releases arrogance and inner animal flourishes. Self-important humans use arrogance to control those who are in despair. They begin to use the animalistic behavior buried deep within us all to destroy the world around them and reshape it into an inflexible way of life. Once the process is set in motion others who have lost their way and have no self-belief use it to bolster their confidence. The process deepens and continues. It's as though a person is saying, "Because I know I am smarter than you I am going to label you an inferior species. Which means under my superior tutelage you will have no rights until I say so."

Able men learn from their mistakes and act upon them, those who do not spread fear, anger, and frustration then stand away and watch. As a result, a subliminal riot begins to develop. Unknowing what is happening, people become blind and the process feeds off itself like a debilitating drought. Animalistic behavior becomes an aphrodisiac. The soundless riot begins to tear down the intelligent side of humanity. Growth falters. Our world becomes stagnant.

But, out of this cloud of indifference comes hope, one individual with enough determination to say, "No!" Like the hammer of a blacksmith striking red hot metal, freedom begins to spark. More individuals who have been restricted by the oppression join the blacksmith and the essence of the metal being built strengthens. A heavy chain develops, just as a riot does, but leading in the opposite direction. Eventually, the lifeline begins to overtake the riot of indifference. Indifference wanes. Groups of individuals begin to coalesce. They talk amongst one another about ideas that could move them forward and out of the tyranny.

The words, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," are continually both fought for and forgotten in the same instant of time.

Power is attained through earned respect. Summarily given respect is fleeting respect based on fear. It is shallow and lasts only as long as the fear lasts. Unless people can police themselves the power turns back on itself. And, in an instant of unforgivable neglect, the riot begins once again.

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