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The whispers of the devil are always with us.
An enigmatic voice from the dark, whispers in an ear.
It speaks of riches, glory, and power.
Riches to buy wealth.
Glory to buy rewards.
Power to buy friends.
But the whisper is a lie.

The whisper grows.
It passes from ear to ear, turning it from the truth.
Eyes light up, with hope for an easy life.
The whisper asks only to be listened to.
To be the leader for life without strife.

Families sprout with the lie for a companion.
It lives with them, directing its biding.
Fathers and mothers teach the young.
The lie has a foothold in the future.

Children listen to the whispers' teachings, learning from them.
They teach their friends, who tell theirs, corrupting the innocent.
Race comes forth, perpetuating an idea.
Greed swells, filling the pockets with gold.
Hatred screams as it comes into its own.

The whisper turns into cannon shot in crowds.
It races from ear to ear, instantly changing those who are good.
The crowd moves like one living mass.
Changing and morphing into evil.

Good speaks softly, but with unrelenting force.
It stands its ground against evil, dreaming of harmony and the legacy of freedom.
Fathers and mothers teach the young.
Good speaks of peace, serenity, and the bravery of life.

Love and knowledge spring from that life.
Knowledge fathers dreams, dreams that build the future.
It pushes, drives the evil away. They are transformed and sent on the path of love once more.

The evil cowers in the corner, where it waits patiently again.

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