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Flash fiction
“There’s something out there.” Deefer was pacing the hallway and sniffing at the front door. "She wouldn't do that for nothing." Now the dog was whining.

"Maybe she wants to go pee." Bob suggested.

"Like she'd ask. If that was it she'd just go, you know what she's like at night. I'm telling you, there's something or someONE out there."

"So you want me to get out of a nice warm bed and go hunting around outside for something or someone that might or might not exist because the dog said so. Dream on."

"So when our home gets invaded and we're held at knife point by a crazed addict you're gonna just pull the covers over your head and leave it to the dog to sort out?"

"Ok, ok, I'm going." Bob put the lead on Deefer then opened the door and peered out.

"There's nothing there. Happy?" Deefer was straining at the leash and whining.

"Go out and look properly." I took the leash while Bob put his coat and shoes on. He was gone about twenty minutes.

"You were right. There was someone. It was young Nick on one of his moonlight streaks. John helped me to catch him and get him home."

"Poor kid. You'd think they would get him some help. Care in the Community, it's rubbish."

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