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by Norman
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A tale of treachery and survival
In the distant land of Emerald Bay
There lived a gentle queen
She ruled the mountains and the coast
And all the lands between

She waited for the king’s return
It was a long three years
Since he went off to fight the wars
And left her with her tears

She ruled with fairness and respect
The people were content
They greeted her with joyous smiles
Most everywhere she went

And then one day the times did change
And every thing went black
She never saw the treachery
Or envisioned the attack

The castle hid behind high walls
Way up upon a hill
But the queen was kept within a room
Locked up against her will

A trusted earl imprisoned her
And sat upon the throne
Unless the king returned some day
The queen would die alone

The earl who stole the crown from her
Was a cruel and evil man
Who ruled the subjects of the realm
With a hard and ruthless hand

But far away on foreign soil
The real king lay in bed
Wounded for the cause he fought
They almost called him dead

He heard what happened to his home
And grieved for his dear wife
In spite of all the wounds he had
He strived to keep his life

His army was depleted too
So many men were gone
They couldn’t battle anymore
They couldn’t carry on

And so they left for Emerald Bay
They marched both day and night
They struggled as they plodded on
It was a dismal sight

After months of grueling pain
They were at last nearby
But they could not attack the earl
They knew they couldn’t try

They couldn’t try to fight him yet
He had the upper hand
So they would have to bide their time
And live off of the land

Some townsfolk heard about the king
And they came to his aid
They brought him food and nursed him too
Not one asked to be paid

They knew that when the king was well
And when the time was right
He would reclaim his rightful throne
And reassert his might

Then he would set the good queen free
And peace would reign again
But he would need more time to heal
The question was still when

At last the king had healed enough
His warriors now strong
They had to overthrow the earl
And right this awful wrong

The queen heard that the king was back
Some servants were her spies
A message from the king reached her
She sent him a reply

She warned him of the castle force
And where he should attack
If he could feint a frontal charge
The weak point was the back

The king charged with his fearless knights
The earl was not prepared
He never thought he could be beat
He thought no one would dare

When challenged by the mighty king
The earl faced sure defeat
His soldiers turned and ran away
They made a fast retreat

The king released his noble wife
Unlocked her from that room
Now that she was safe and sound
It would not be her tomb

The people cheered the king and queen
The kingdom was now free
But what became of the bad earl?
Where could that traitor be?

The earl now wears a jester’s mask
He lurks in his disguise
He bides his time till his return
When once more he’ll arise

A wise man came to see the king
And warned him to take care
He had a vision in his sleep
A vision he must share

“Beware the evil you can’t see,
the one that lies in wait;
the one that hides within your walls
and may decide your fate.”

So even though the threat was low
A shadow lingered there
Until that evil earl was caught
There was some trace of fear

The king and queen were vigilant
On guard both day and night
They would not rest while he was free
They kept defenses tight

And then one day the queen observed
The jester’s evil eyes
And in that moment she was sure
She saw through his disguise

The jester knew the game was up
He turned around to flee
The king made sure that he was caught
Before he could run free

They took the earl and locked him up
The dungeon holds him now
And Emerald Bay is safe at last
‘Till next time anyhow

I’d like to say that they lived long
Without some storms and gales
But happily-ever-aftering
Is just a fairy tale

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