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Memory of a perfect moment fading with time. 2020 WDC Heart Throb Poet Winner.
Sun filtered by birch,
the tender tides sogged suits gripped by sand.
Your soft lips warm, slow, reached my mouth. Earth
enveloped our youthful forms. Abandoned by friends, aware
a kindling romance, we could have stayed hours, cooled by night,
gentle in baptismal waters. Eyes showered by love from hot stars,
imagined the distance                                          from Venus to Mars.
Our wine coolers                                                    drained, dialed time
shadows in our setting scene, across torsos tangled. The only planets gazed
upon, sparkled on the ground. Green irises gleamed, perfectly planted in
your blonde garden, wading like hydrilla beneath my form, too young
to know then. I've learned since, why we never swam beyond
that timeless shore -- theatre on thin film inside my
foggy head. I loved you then, as much as
the fading memory now.

Life’s Little interruptions 🥀🦋  (13+)
2x Winner WDC Quills BestPoetryCollection. 📝 I cast my words to the world wide wind.
#1149750 by Brian K Compton

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