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Time's Unforgiving Cruelty.
Time exists and
goes on
waiting for
no one.

If you do not watch
time, it will steal
your life away
before you even realize it.

Time lives in the past
and the future but for
all of us, it resides
in the present.

Time is always watching,
which is why we should keep our eyes,
mind and heart open
or time will pass you by.

Time is unforgiving and can
take a life
at a moments
notice and on a whim.

At times we are so engrossed
with one another and everything;
We forget that
time even exists.

Time is forever
transcending all eras
and will outlast

Time is fleeting
and if you miss it;
You can be
forever lost.

We can perceptively slow down time,
even if it's for a moment and enjoy
what time has to offer,
even catching a fleeting glimpse.

This is what I call,
"living in the moment."
In the end, the only
thing left, is time.

As it continuously moves
on into the future
leaving everything behind;
Until time finally ends.


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