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by Seuzz
Rated: ASR · Outline · Fanfiction · #2216068
The Jackal invades Oscorp, and Peter's secret identity is almost exposed.
Peter Parker/Spider-Man; Raymond Warren/The Jackal; Harry Osborn; Miles Morales; Dr. Otto Octavius; Gwen Stacy; Norman Osborn; Spencer Smythe; Alistair Smythe

Night: A suburban house. A shadowy, werewolf-like figure bounds across the yard and scrambles in through a window. Inside, its silhouette writhes and cries out: "No! Warren! You fool!" It metamorphoses and collapses. Into the bathroom stumbles a haggard, half-naked figure, to stare at himself in the mirror: RAYMOND WARREN. "How long was it for this time?" he wonders. "And what did I do? My God, I've got to stop it before it happens again -- and before I can't change back!"

Act I
Horizon High School, daytime. Students, including PETER PARKER and MILES MORALES, are lined up outside by a bus, most of them holding boxes. Miles asks Peter where his project is; Peter shows him a tiny tracking device, shaped like a spider; he describes it and tells Miles he built it for Octavius's class where—brag!—it actually earned him a B-minus! And where is Miles's submission for the Oscorp Expo? From O.S. an offscreen yell: "Mr. Morales! Get your robot to let me go!" Pan to DR. OTTO OCTAVIUS, in his octo-rig, tangling with Miles's security robot. Peter gasps: You're going to sell your robot to Oscorp? Miles, as he hurries away: Not for less than a million, I'm not! GWEN STACY hurries up, all smiles, telling Peter that she just heard from her Uncle Raymond. An emergency took him out of town, which is why he was gone without telling anyone, but he's back and will see her at Oscorp! Peter says that's great, and that he's counting on seeing Harry there too—maybe if Harry sees on the great stuff they're working on at Horizon he'll change his mind and return to Horizon. Gwen asks why that's so important to Peter; Peter says he feels like he's grown more distant from Harry since Harry moved to OASIS. Though they've always gone to different schools, this time the separation feels different—something about that school seems to be changing Harry. Overhead, a drone circles, focusing its camera down on the school ...

At Oscorp, NORMAN OSBORN watches the drone's-eye view on a screen as SPENCER SMYTHE manipulates controls. Norman bitingly asks if Smythe's instruments really think the spider creature is waiting to get on a school bus; Smythe confesses that the detectors probably aren't working out. Norman says that Smythe isn't working out, and that he and his projects can always be replaced. Smythe asks why it is so important to track down the Spider-Man. After snapping at him, Norman confesses that he is terrified of the spider-man creature. Spencer: Why, he's just a man. Norman: Is he? Then why the full-body costume? Maybe he's one of Warren's hybrids -- a soldier in Warren's "spider army." Over the intercom, a secretary tells him that Raymond Warren has arrived, which surprises Smythe: "Warren? Here?" Norman, glowering: "Yes, and I was counting on you having something for me I could frighten him with." Give me something that can take out his Spider-Man, he warns Smythe, or I'll take out you!

In his office Osborn finds a nervous Warren, who begs Osborn to give him access to all his old research notes and equipment. Osborn is astonished and angered by the request, and reminds Warren that he fired him because he found his research "monstrous": "An army of spider-human hybrids is what you were trying to create. When you finally came clean I fired you on the spot. Why would I help you revive it?" He disbelieves Warren's frantic pleas that he doesn't mean to revive it, and that he hasn't revived it: "Isn't the Spider-Man something you've been working on?" Warren emphatically denies it. Osborn asks why Warren needs access to his old project, but Warren says he can't tell him. In which case, Osborn says, he can't give him access. As they talk, Warren's hand, in his lap, changes into a paw when he became overly excited, then reverts when he forces himself to be calm.

In the lobby of Oscorp, the Oscorp Expo is being set up. Miles observes that it is not nearly as big as the Stark Expo; Peter tells him to shut up before Harry (who is approaching) overhears him. The two friends greet each other enthusiastically, and Peter instantly launches into a pitch for the projects that Horizon has brought: Miles's security 'bot, Gwen's DNA screening machine ("There she is with her uncle," he points to Gwen and Dr. Warren), Dr. Octavius's exo-suit. Harry's expression has soured as Peter talks: "Yes," he says, "and it's really nice of my dad to give you space to show off in." Peter protests that they're not "showing off," they're just sharing. "You could be here too, sharing your stuff, if you were back at Horizon with us." "I've already got my stuff here," Harry retorts. "It's top secret," he adds when Peter asks where it is, and says he has to get back to work. "Dude's changed," Miles says as Harry leaves, but Peter stammers that "I was just being tactless and I offended him. Harry's so proud of his dad and his company and his work." He calls over Gwen to ask her about her uncle; she tells him that he's there to pick up some stuff, and that he looked at her DNA screener and says it looks terrific. Norman Osborn comes out to welcome the exhibitors. Peter catches Harry's eye as Norman talks, and nudges Gwen: "How about you go first, go before me?" he suggests.

In one of the research bays, ALISTAIR SMYTHE is working on gauntlets that use focusing vibrators as a weapon. Spencer enters, watches a moment, and congratulates Alistair on getting the kinks worked out. Alistair retorts that it was no thanks to his dad, who didn't help. Spencer snaps back about being busy, then calms himself and says that he would like to incorporate Alistair's work into his own: It would complement his Spider Slayers. Alistair refuses: His work is his only chance of getting noticed, of being able to compete with the boss's son. Spencer angrily reminds him that he can simply requisition it; Alistair retorts that he doesn't care, so long as he gets the credit. Spencer says that credit doesn't matter, as long as the boss is happy with their work, then retreats, telling Alistair to consider the matter forgotten. Alistair, turning to a monitor that is broadcasting the Expo, watches sullenly until Harry is brought up to the microphone, whereupon he blasts the monitor with his gauntlets.

In the Expo, Gwen describes her invention, a DNA screener for use in diagnostic medicine in finding genetic abnormalities. Without asking permission, she stabs Peter with a hypodermic and draws blood, thanking him for volunteering. She places the blood in a centrifuge and turns on the machine. As it works, she says that of course in the present instance it won't find anything, but in the case of— Then she stops, frowns at the monitor. A hush falls. She turns to Peter: "Peter, your DNA. It's not human!"

Act II
A buzz runs through the crowd as Gwen tells Peter that his blood is only 70% human according to her screener. An appalled Peter tries to brush it off, and when Norman and others advance he quickly shuts off Gwen's machine and asks Miles to demonstrate his security robot. Peter pulls Gwen aside: she demands to know what he's doing, and he says he's saving her from embarrassment—she can't stand in front of a crowd and tell them that her machine has messed up so badly as to report that he (Peter) is 30% space alien or something. She starts to argue, but Peter tells her to check her machine over while he goes looking for her uncle.

Down in the underground testing facilities, Warren enters and finds his old lab; his old key card still operates the door, and he enters and searches it, telling himself to calm as his hand pulses in and out of a paw-like state. Outside, Spencer Smythe uses a key card to enter Alistair's lab, to pick up the gauntlets.

Peter is at the elevator when Harry catches up to him, asking where he's going. Peter says he's looking for Dr. Warren to help fix Gwen's machine, and asks Harry to help him. In the elevator, Peter apologizes for trying to "show off" earlier; Harry brushes it off. Peter says that he just wants so bad for Harry to come back to Horizon—"I want to work with you on projects together, I thought if I made you jealous of our stuff you'd want to come back." Harry: You could always just ask. Peter: Would that work? Harry: You could try; what are you working on? Peter gives him the tracking device to examine, and Harry says it doesn't look like Peter needs any help. Peter takes a deep breath and says that there is something really major that Harry could help him with, something that he's never told anyone about before.

Inside Warren's lab, the door opens and Spencer enters; to his surprise, Warren is there. Spencer laughs and begins to gloat at finding his old rival caught in mid-theft; Warren insists he's not stealing because the material is his; Spencer reminds him that all his work was "for hire" and belongs to Oscorp. Warren accuses Spencer of coming in to steal his old research; Spencer says that Osborn isn't likely to believe anything Warren says. In fact, he's much more likely to have Warren arrested—unless Warren does some fast talking and explains his research to him (Spencer). Warren, who has been growing more excited, suddenly turns very calm, and says that Dr. Warren would be delighted to explain, as then perhaps Spencer could help him find a cure. Unfortunately, he continues, Dr. Warren is no longer with them, and the Jackal—close on Warren's eyes, which show demonic slits—doesn't want to be cured.

In the elevator, Peter reminds Harry how Gwen's machine showed a major contamination of his DNA, and says that there's a reason for that. Harry, alarmed, interrupts him, to ask if he was contaminated by the same accident that transformed that Horizon employee into the Rhino. Peter hesitates, staring into Harry's fearful face, when alarms begin to go off. Down in the testing facility, Spencer is hurled halfway across the expansive space; THE JACKAL leaps out after him.

The Jackal tackles Spencer and demands to know where Osborn is—"He wouldn't help Warren, but I don't want him changing his mind!" Spencer says he'll be upstairs at the Expo. The Jackal sneers that Spencer would make a fine snake before hurling him away and leaping for the stairs as security appears. Elsewhere, Harry and Peter pry open the doors of the elevator and decide it would be safer to take the stairs. In the lobby, Dr. Octavius is showing off his octo-rig, and muttering that it will be a shame to have to sell the rights to it, as Horizon is no longer funding its development, when the Jackal bounds in. People scream and scatter as it charges straight for Osborn. Security leaps in the way, but the Jackal bowls them over. As it is about to grab Osborn, Octavius intervenes, knocking the Jackal back: Otto says he'll handle things and orders Osborn's men to get people to safety. A fast-moving battle develops; Miles tries throwing his security robot into the fray, but the Jackal quickly knocks it out a window, to Miles's exasperation.

The battle seesaws until doors Peter and Harry run in. The Jackal sees them, and breaks from Octavius to charge at the teens. He grabs Harry and bounds out of the lobby and into a stairwell. Octavius orders the room cleared, and when a Spider-Slayer appears, he orders it to accompany him as he makes a sweep of the building. Alistair, watching from the sidelines, is apoplectic to see that the Slayer is armed with his gauntlets.

Peter exits with the others, but slips away, changing into his Spider-Man suit. A cat-and-mouse game begins inside Oscorp, with the Jackal (carrying a muffled Harry, to whom he gloats about "special plans" as he takes out a hypodermic) darting in and out of cover as Octavius, the Spider Slayer, and Spider-Man search the building. Octavius ignores Spider-Man, but the Slayer takes potshots at him; in his safe room, Osborn growls when he sees that the Slayer can't catch Spider-Man.

Peter facepalms when he realizes he knows exactly how to find Harry, for Harry still has the Spidey-tracker on him. With the receiver built into his suit's armbands, Spider-Man finds the Jackal and calls for aid.

The battle moves back down into the testing facility, with the Jackal releasing Harry to concentrate on the fight. When Spider-Man sees Harry running into his own testing lab, he pulls Harry back and webs him to the ceiling. In the fight, the Slayer is destroyed, but Octavius pins the Jackal down. Security rushes in to bind the beast. Spider-Man returns to loose Harry, and is treated to shrill insults ("Freak! Menace! My dad's right about you!") and brushes off Spider-Man's stammered explanations about trying to keep him safe. As Peter cuts Harry down, there are cries from below, and the Jackal is seen bounding out a window and away. When Harry looks around again, Spider-Man is gone.

In the lobby, Osborn thanks Octavius for his help, and offers him a job and all the funding he wants. Octavius observes that Horizon doesn't seem nearly as interested in his projects, and accepts. Osborn turns to Spencer, who is nearby: "You're fired." Spencer summons Alistair to accompany him, but Alistair says he's not going with a thief, and tells Osborn that his dad stole his gauntlets for the Slayer but didn't even know how to employ them properly. Osborn tells Alistair he is welcome to stay at OASIS; Octavius offers to take him on as an assistant.

Peter, with his friends, tells Harry how glad he is that he wasn't hurt; Harry asks Peter to finish what he was going to say in the elevator. Peter picks up Gwen's machine—smashed in the battle—and says he was going to ask for Harry's help in repairing it. Harry looks puzzled, then smiles and says he's always ready to help his friends.

Cross-fade to Dr. Warren's house: Gwen exits and into her phone tells Peter that her uncle isn't home, that he must have left already for that conference that he had texted her about, so they'll have to repair her machine without his help. Upstairs, the Jackal lets the curtain fall back, and examines a vial of blood: "The blood of Osborn's brat. Let's cook up something special for him."

A special sort of commentary for this one. A detailed breakdown of the development process: "Project Development

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