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Planning for the gayest event of the school year
From "The Most Popular Freak in School" by Crystal Tyler
September 24th, 4:51 PM
Jackie: Welcome to this year's GSA group chat everyone!
Maria: Hello all.
Gus: Okay, but the first order of business. Can we please get more than one box of doughnuts for next week?
Suzy: I'm sure that's not the first thing we need to worry about Gus.
Luke: Yeah, our main concern should obviously be what flavor of doughnuts we're gonna get for next week.
Maria: We need more chocolate.
Jackie: Relax, I'll make sure everyone gets enough doughnuts next week. As you all know, the first official meeting is October 15th. We have to start spreading the word now. I'm thinking we all design fliers and start hanging them up by next week?
Luke: Should the fliers all have a similar theme?
Gus: Rainbows, duh.
Jackie: The theme for the fliers should be equality. They should all say the same thing, Gay Straight Alliance, meets every Thursday in Room D202, starting October 15th, and it's always best to say things like "Bring Friends" and "Everyone's Welcome." Besides that, you can get creative. Just make sure it's school appropriate.
Suzy: I started drawing out drafts on my way home! I'll send pics later.
Luke: Crystal? You there?
Crystal: Hi.
Suzy: What's up with you? You're never this quiet in group chats.
Gus: Real question, why did you bring that jock today?
Luke: He didn't even really talk much.
Crystal: It was his first time coming, he's just starting to get to know the club.
Gus: But why would you bring a straight boy to GSA?
Crystal: Why not? Isn't this club about including everyone?
Jackie: Crystal's right, GSA accepts anyone. Besides, I could use extra help in getting ready for the first meeting.
Gus: But from a jock? They hate us more than anyone else in the school.
Crystal: Hates us? He doesn't even know us. He came today and is gonna continue coming to meetings. How do you expect to be accepted if you're gonna be this closed minded toward someone else?
Gus: Why are you all of a sudden standing up for a jock when you were talking bad about Drew and his friends less than a week ago?
Crystal: I'm gonna go work on my drafts for the flier, I'll talk to you guys later.
Maria: Gus, Tom is a close family friend of mine, he's basically my cousin. He wouldn't do or say anything mean to us or behind our backs. He knows I'd kill him if he did.
Gus: Whatever, but if he gets added to this group chat, I'm suing...
Suzy: Suing who?
Luke: The "walk and talk" guy.
Gus: I wish! When I'm in a heated conversation over getting a one on homework, a man yelling "walk and talk" in my ear is not what I need.
Suzy: Stop, he's really supportive of us and GSA!
Gus: You're right, I'll sue the chorus teacher that always wears a plastic crown
Jackie: I hope you guys are designing your fliers!
Maria: We're doing our best.
Suzy: I am!
Jackie: Oh, as long as we're talking, later this year there's gonna be a masquerade ball for high school GSAs across the city. I found out about it at the Pride Center. I don't know all the details, but I'll keep you all updated!
October 14th, 2:44 PM
Jackie: Hey guys! Who's excited for tomorrow?
Suzy: I am!
Gus: I think Jackie's more excited than anyone.
Maria: Wouldn't you be excited if you were president? She only gets it for one year; she should be excited!
Jackie: Thanks, Maria!
Maria: Of course! I'm so excited for you, your speech when you were running last year was so good, I can't wait to see what you do this year.
Luke: Are you nervous?
Jackie: Aw, thank you, Maria! There's definitely a lot of nerves that come with it, but I know I'll realize tomorrow how much it's worth it.
Jackie: My main objective is to be able to offer a safe place to the younger kids. I know how hard it is being queer in high school. I can't imagine how intimidating it is for younger students. They deserve to have a safe place and know that there is support.
Suzy: That is so beautiful! Crystal's always said the same thing.
Suzy: OMG, what if she runs for next year?
Gus: Crystal for president? Shouldn't the president of such a loving club not suffer severe resting bitch face?
Maria: Oh, because you'd do a better job?
Jackie: Enough arguing, I wanna go over who's bringing what tomorrow.
Suzy: I'll make cupcakes, and I think Luke was gonna get plates and napkins.
Luke: I am.
Luke: Also, why is Crystal inactive again?
Gus: She's probably daydreaming over her new football player friend.
Luke: New? They've practically been skipping down the halls together every day for almost a month now.
Luke: Maria, tell me, even now, they're not a thing.
Maria: I love how you talk about Crystal as if she's not even gonna see this.
Maria: And no, they're not a thing, they're calling each other friends for now.
Crystal added Tom to the chat
Luke: .......
Suzy: Hi Tom!
Gus: Crystal??
Gus: Whomst is this?
Crystal: What do you mean Whomst? It's Tom, the one who's been coming to meetings and helping Jackie.
Gus: Helping? He barely talks, whenever he does, it's to you.
Tom: Hi to you too, bud.
Luke: Hi cutie!
Gus: Look, I'm just trying to understand why a jock would want to be a part of a GSA.
Crystal: This club isn't just for queer students Gus, we welcome everyone of any sexuality and gender.
Maria: Preach!
Gus: He doesn't belong in the GSA. End of story.
Tom left the chat
Gus: Thank you!!
Crystal left the chat
Maria: That was way over the top, they did not deserve that.
Jackie: If anyone even goes off topic about GSA once you're getting removed from the chat.
Jackie: And they're owed an apology.
Suzy: Should I make the cupcakes rainbow or not?
October 14th, 3:15 PM
Tom: I told you it was a bad idea to put me in that chat.
Crystal: I wanted you to be more involved and feel more comfortable sharing your ideas with them.
Tom: They don't like me. I care about the club, but maybe it's just not for me after all.
Crystal: Don't say that. There's supposed to be a lot of people coming tomorrow; you don't have to stand out if you don't want to. Besides, you've been a big help with the fliers and bulletin board. Jackie seems to think so too.
Tom: I do wanna come.
Crystal: Then come! Gus's opinions don't matter. He's as closed minded as everyone else.
Tom: Yeah, you're right.
Tom: No matter what anyone says, I'm so thankful for this friendship. I've learned so much from you.
Crystal: I agree. You make it easy to trust you.
Tom added Maria to the chat
Crystal: Until now.
Maria: Hi!! Sorry, I'm actually at Tom's, and I stole his phone to add myself.
Crystal: For what reason?
Maria: I needed to ask you something, but you were too busy texting Tom to answer me.
Crystal: Okay, what?
Maria: Where do I bring the drinks for the meeting tomorrow?
Crystal: Give it to the teacher in D202, he has a mini-fridge in his room.
Maria: You mean the teacher with the man bun?
Crystal: Yes Maria, the teacher with the man bun.
Maria: Got it.
Maria: Also, Suzy put in a word for you that you should be president next year.
Tom: Crystal, you'd make such a good president, you should go for it!
Crystal: Thank you guys, I do want to run for it this year.
Tom: Then run for it!
Crystal: I will.
Crystal: If you come tomorrow.
Tom: I will.
Crystal: Promise?
Tom: Promise.

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