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by Raven
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A poem to my friends, an apology and wondering if they'll remember me.
Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
When I end,
Will you remember,
Who I was or,
What I did?

Bridges I burned,
Words I said,
The shield I held,
Against the dark in my head,
As I lie in bed.

Letters I wrote,
I never sent,
Because I was scared,
Fore it all might end,
A blink of an eye,
You all might die.

How did you stand by,
Watching me die,
Oh so deep inside,
I’ll always say I’m fine,
As I cry deep inside.

When someone cares,
I get scared,
My walls go up,
And I hold on.

I let them talk,
Get them to open up,
Show me their minds,
Then I show mine.

I’m sorry for all the times,
I couldn’t help,
Couldn’t protect,
If nothing else,
I’m sorry I left.

You did nothing wrong,
I had my mind made up,
My choice was made,
I will find you again,
On another plane.

You’ll be happy,
I’ll be alone,
Though that’s just life

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