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by Raven
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A poem about opening up to someone
Like Birds

I told him and now he knows,
He hears and listens,
Letting me speak,
Letting me let go,
Down my walls flow,
Like the ocean on the coast,
Natural, yet relentless.

He opens up,
Telling his truth,
Showing me himself,
And I follow suit,
I let him in,
Allow him inside,
I speak my mind,
Cause I don’t have to try.

Loss surrounds me,
He has a lingering scar,
Like birds we fly,
Deep inside of each other's minds,
Understanding and confused,
Of how one could understand,
Each in a stranger's den.

How long do you suppose this will last?
Before it crumples in my grasps,
Like friends before he could be gone next,
Worryful I am as time goes on,
People come and go,
Like the air I suppose,
Breathe in, Breathe out,
Gone in an instant.

Waiting for the right time,
For when everything is right,
Things will take a turn,
Though only for the worst,
For every good thing, I have a bad one must follow,
Nothing I have stays pure for long,
What we have might turn to dust,
Blown away by the wind,
Never to be seen again.

For what we have is rare,
I want to keep it far away,
From the mess of my world,
And the tragedy of my world,
Fly away I say you won’t like me this way,
If not something I say will scare you all away.
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