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by hiltsy
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my first story
When I left my school I had no friends left. I was extremely excited to leave my school, I was getting a new start with all new people. the problem was I met many new people, but even after a few years I still feel lonely. now I am left wondering what life would be like if I never moved schools. would I have more friends? would a have a boyfriend? would I enjoy my classes? would I be doing track and cross country? Because I have been wondering these questions for months I decided to look back through my old yearbook from 6th grade. I moved in the middle of 7th grade thinking I would never have contact with these people again, but this was all about to change.

the present
Two weeks ago school was let out due to a recent outbreak of a rapidly spreading disease that was created when someone ate a lizard. The Daiquiri virus was in the United States, and even though there were only 3 cases in Michigan at the time, the governor issued that school is canceled for at least four weeks. Yesterday school was canceled for the rest of the year. So now I am technically a sophomore, and it's weird, but I already feel older. Something still feels weird so i

My flashbacks
I was in my 6th-hour class, my teacher was explaining my next assignment. My class was going to have to make a ted talk, we had recently been learning about public speaking and the things that make a good argument. Eventually, I would be excited about this assignment, but right now all I could think about was the fact that I had never had a real boyfriend. there was a guy I had my eyes on but I was not really sure how to flirt. this guy was single, as far as I knew, he was on the basketball team, he was a guy I could see myself dating. I started to feel guilty because I should have been thinking about fixing my friendship with Emily and Freya.

corona virus- Daiquiri virus
James- Oliver lewis
riley- emily
farah- freya
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