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initially written March 7, 2020. Revised April 23, 2020
Choice is an illusion
Beauty is a myth
Pain embraces confusion
You will never be a part of this

The weakness of my mind
You were never meant to find
But you went there anyways
What did you expect to find?

In the dark
In the heat
In the glare
In this beat
This dungeon
This room
This home
I'm all alone
You have
My key
Lock me in
Set me free

Choice is an illusion
Beauty is a myth
Pain embraces confusion
You were born into all of this

The weakness of my mind
Was always easy to find
There were lights along the way
The darkness made you blind

And how dark is it now
In your pit of despair
The rats surround you
Creatures have found you
Burning away
No more today
Tomorrow is forgotten
And yesterday is a memory
Blowing away with the ashes
The pieces that remain
On the floor
Are nothing more

So cast off your shackles
A light is on the way
To cast you down again
Into the hell from which you came

There is comfort in the familiar
When pain and death are your friends
While being enemies just the same

And I guess this is just all I've ever known
It's all I've ever been
It's all that I've been shown
So time to begin again.
rinse, repeat... rinse, repeat... repent
Rip it out, tear it to shreds
Watch it all bleed out and slip away
Onto the killing room floor
My only friend from long before
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