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Follow up from The Quake That Brought Darkness
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Circa 1100BC

Lucifer, in the guise of the snake, slithered onto the ghost tree, or as it is spiritually known - the Tree Of Knowledge. The archangel was supposedly guarding Hell not having just participated in the destruction of Pylos and the ancient world in the fight against Amenadiel. The only reason he abandoned his post was because Raphael and Michael, his fellow archangels, begged him to help. At least, that's the story Lucifer will tell. However, this story is Amenadiel's so as of yet, Lucifer is not a main character.

A little background as to why the Angels raged and ravaged on Earth. Amenadiel had been sympathising with humans for a very long time, ultimately saving lives and interfering with fate. Not sneakily like the trickster gods in order to have fun at the humans' expense, but blatantly and to help humans. Unfortunately, this was not how angels should behave, so she encountered the Angelic Wrath of Heaven's Army and lost. Hence why the darkness came.

We leave 1100BC Pylos at the Dark Ages with Amenadiel shattered and consequently shackled to the pit by the young Zachariah. Bless him, he was so happy to be trusted by the Archangels for this duty.

(You need to know that Amenadiel bled heavily during this fight)

April 2010

She's been shaking for a while. Heart palpitations. Shivering and hoping that her Angelic Potence is strong enough to send her back to 1100BC. You might be wondering why she needs to go back to the time she lost, after all the curtains were closed and the standing ovation given. Look back on last month where she lay with Dean eating pizza, when she puzzled over how she escaped her torture. Did she escape by herself? Did someone help her? Unfortunately, she doesn't know. What she does know is that not all of her was shackled to the pit. Zachariah thought he caught all of her, poor boy, yet the once- amateur missed a shard.

This shard or blood is vital in Amenadiel being able to control her immense power, because she needs to be whole to secure her full Angelic Potence.

To recover, she needs to go back and collect the blood. Hopefully the blood doesn't contain too much of her Potence. We do not want a weak replica of Amenadiel roaming around Pylos.

How to go back? She doesn't want to be destroyed again, and she can't save herself or interact with herself. Apparently that would mess with the laws of Time, (who is a very confusing and infuriating being!). The blood doesn't count because that's part of the 2010 Amenadiel not the 1100BC Amenadiel. Apologies, I know it's very confusing.

A quick rule of Time Travel for Angels; they can only return to a time if they're attached to an object or animal there. This is why they all created their own share of plant and animal life- some species of which they share. Therefore, they can use the animal or plant as their destination by focusing their energy on it.

Unfortunately, Amenadiel had created the Hoopoe Bird, which is very tiny with distinctive black and white feathers. Nevertheless, it was still a destination.

Circa 1100BC. Pylos. Aftermath of the War

The Hoopoe Bird flew over the cliffs and round the destruction of Pylos. It noted the Horseman sighing as the waves splashed, and she could've sworn she saw him roll his eyes at the waste of life. Some may say it's ironic that the King of The Reapers dislikes death, but she knows him too well. The beautiful crested bird grows tired of circling the stage, waiting for Poseidon to cease the earthquakes.

Eventually he does, and she is drawn to land on the corymbia aparrerinja. Resting at the highest point of the tree, invisible to all immediately below, the animal blinks her unnatural red eyes and hears the remnants of a hiss as a snake dissolves underground.

The bird flies a few Angel Wings away from the Tree, and stretches out to rise to a slender frame shy of 6 foot. Tossing back her mane of vibrant scarlet hair, Amenadiel thanks the Hoopoe Bird for use of its vessel and the bird freely flies away. Rolling back her shoulders, Amenadiel resists the urge to unroll her magnificent wings as she can't risk revealing herself until she's positive all the Angels and Gods have returned to their Heavens, Palaces and Mountains.

She paces around in an attempt to find a good vantage point to watch the waves wash over. Once the sea has finished its song, she can be sure Poseidon has left, so will go to her remaining shard of blood.

For now, she shivers in tiredness and changes to a wolf, with a warm pelt, to curl up to wait out the ocean.

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