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by JustMe
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To my brother.
The day started like any other,
Eyes open, get some coffee
Wondering why even bother.

What am I surviving for?
Who is there to hear,
Is there truly anyone anymore.

I will just hear more apologies and false promises,
how it will end,
"no more callousness,
it will never happen again"

Same line I have heard every morning
same "please forgive me"
same look getting boring,
just nod and agree.

Then a knock at the door
who could that be
I wont ignore
when I open it I see

The one who cares
the one who shows
the love is there
one who doesn't know

How much that visit changed my life
all the lies
I heard at night
all the hurt that blinds

He didn't know
but he is there
this action was no show
I have now become aware.

it was the beginning
of a plan
the reason I was grinning
the hope building that I can

I can leave
and start anew
sparks of truth did weave
Never again would I be blue

My brother showed
he did care
with the smile, the love flowed
he would always be there.

Never again will I wake to apologies and lies
never again wondering why bother
I look to the skies
God Bless my brother.
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