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by Norman
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Well that is weird
Those nuns were strict and taught us
how to write and how to spell.
In fact I still can hear them say
a lesson I learned well:

‘I’ before ‘E’
Except after ‘C’
Or when sounding like ‘A’

But what about a word like WEIRD?
That doesn’t fit the rule.
How can you get your spelling right
when using the wrong tool?

So let me try to work this out
and understand this rule,
‘cause if I get my spelling wrong
I’ll look just like a fool.

Sure ‘I’ comes after ‘C’ of course,
then followed by an ‘E’.
No, no, I have that backwards now.
This thing just baffles me.

The rule says ‘E’ must come in first
when sounding like an ‘A’.
They give a good example where
the ‘I’ comes next in WEIGH.

But this is what confuses me;
you have to tell me why
you get a sound like ‘A’ at all
when mixing ‘E’ and ‘I’.

And then you have to realize that
the WEIRD word’s not the same.
So if I get my spelling wrong
then how am I to blame?

Well, English spelling is so WEIRD.
There isn’t any doubt.
So I’ll rely on Spell-check when
I have to write things out.

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