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Flash Fiction 5-22-20 W/C 296

Altered Reality

The purple velvet box is on my table. Wrapped in purple string, it wasn’t there this morning. It emits a strange green light. So the whole thing glows ethereally, almost like an eggplant lit internally by a green bulb. Very eerie. Quarantine must be affecting my reality.

My rational brain says throw it in the dumpster. Don’t touch it. Don’t open it. But my curious brain wants to know what’s inside.

So I open the purple block and all four sides fall on the table. The green light fills my kitchen and sweeps me away into another dimension. I can see my kitchen but I’m above it. I rise further until I’m above the Earth. Now I’m level with the Moon. Soon I’m passing a nebula.Then Saturn is on the right and there goes a star to my left.

I travel on the green light that I now understand to be a comet. The comet comes to a rest gently on a rocky piece of planet. I can breathe is my thought as a red sun lights my way across a green desert. A strange sight meets my eyes. Huge dome-shaped beings with multiple eyes move toward me. I stop, afraid of being hurt. But the beings move through me and continue on their journey.

“Welcome, earth traveler.” Another dome person speaks to me. This one appeared from nowhere. Like magic, it seems.

“What is this?” Now I’m frightened. Forget curious brain, frightened brain has taken over.

“You’re ruler of everything. Welcome Queen.” Dome being hands me a crown. “I obey you.” It walks through me and disappears.

Thoroughly puzzled I stand alone on a green desert on a barren planet with a crown. *Crown*

Total isolation.

Truly now the Quarantined Queen of everything.

W/C 296
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