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How a good meal with good "people" can heal a broken heart
A Good Meal

She slammed the door on her way in,
Having had the worst day that had ever been.
She lost her best friend to a lie so untrue,
Not only that, but she failed a test too!

She kicked off her shoes in a fury,
Every reason in the world to worry,
Threw a pan on the stove's front eye,
Looking for something delicious to fry.

She heard a small thud in the next room,
and she looked over her shoulder, forgetting her gloom.
Armed with her frying pan, and too angry to care,
She went to investigate what was there.

To her surprise, there was nothing to fear,
What was there was furry and small with cute little ears,
tiny bean-padded paws, and eyes brilliantly green,
Who'd knocked over a vase the girl left to lean.

Her forbidden friend who she'd met days before,
Must have snuck in through the crack in the door.
"No cats allowed" The landlord said,
Those words gave the girl so much dread.

"One dinner couldn't hurt," she said to the cat,
Who had been licking her fur over small rolls of fat.
She returned to her kitchen dishing up their lunch,
A can of tuna, a hotdog, and a broccoli bunch.

The cat hopped on the table without a word.
The girl sat down at the only chair and cried.
The cat rubbed against her with his silky soft fur,
Helping the girl to clear her mind.

By the time that he left she was no longer sad,
Not crying or pouting,
Instead from her head ideas were prouting,
It seemed she felt better than she had.

And with a whish of whiskers,
The cat rushed away,
With the speed that a candle flickers,
To eat with another sad soul that day.
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