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Test Question

“Alright. The test will begin in one minute. Get out your composition books. The question is on the board. Good luck.”

Everyone in the class groaned. Mr. Pickerd was a tough teacher, gave the hardest tests.

On the white board was the test:

There is a red house, a blue house, a green house, and a white house. A red man lives in the red house. A blue man lives in the the blue house. A green man lives in the green house. Who lives in the White House?

“You may start!”

Everyone scribbled in their books. A few started to laugh, wrote short answers, turned in their books then left the classroom.

After a few moments, all were gone. Except Henry Mosely. He still wrote, now filling page two.

The bell rang, Mr. Pickerd called time.

“Turn it in, Henry.”

“What? Oh, okay.” Henry dropped his pencil, gathered his pack, gave Mr. Pickerd the book.

“Good luck, Henry. Can’t wait to read this.”

Henry ducked out to meet his bus.

So George Pickerd started to read the strange long answer by Henry Mosely to the easiest test question in the world.

“Who lives in the White House? First, to answer that question, we need to define the meaning of ‘White House’. The White House is where the President of the United States lives, but does he really live there? I mean that is where he is every day. He is there with everyone else he works with. There must be hundreds of people there. It’s not like the house I live in. I live in a small house. It's not white. I don’t know what color my house is supposed to be. It needs paint and windows…..”

George Pickerd stopped, gave Henry an A. Then he continued to read.

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