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Contrived in the mind of a nana to keep a three-year-old granddaughter busy in traffic

Because my Grampy lives in Maine

When he comes for a visit, he flies in a plane.

He said he had brought me a present and I was sure it was a dog,

But instead what he brought me was an invisible, hoppy frog!

It hopped out of his pocket three times in the car,

But the car was so small that he couldn’t jump far.

But when we got home and put him in my room

He hopped and hopped! As high as a balloon!

He hopped onto Daddy’s head, then onto Nana’s eyelash

To Mommy’s shoulder, then onto Grampy’s mustache!

It croaked three times and then hopped to my bed

Nana said he was hungry and MUST BE FED!

We found him a cricket, a fly, and then a bug;

A snail, a worm and then a pretend slug.

It hopped to my pillow and without so much as a peep

Slowly closed his yellow eyes and went to sleep.
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