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Our rescue cat, Cassie was sent to comfort us after the loss of our Daughter Lucy.
Our rescue cat.

Smitten With A Kitten

We were feeling sad and blue, our cat had passed away,
She had got so very sick we let her go one day.
We were left, the two of us, the house was quiet and still,
Then we found a rescue cat, the emptiness to fill.

Smitten with a kitten, we're a family again,
Since we lost our Daughter we have suffered years of pain.
She used to dress up as a cat when she was just a mite,
"Gobbolino" was his name, his coat was black and white.

I think our Daughter sent this cat to love and comfort me,
She sleeps between us every night and purrs incessantly,
She dries my tears and gives me hugs and fills our home once more,
I know she was a gift, she touched our hearts with her small paw.

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