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A midsummer dream renewed by sunrise. From Writer's Cramp prompt.
anticipation inspires vision,
but nothing like
the color of the sky at daybreak

just before dawn,
we decided to go to Doles rock,
witness the rising of the sun.
running through dew-wet meadows,
across ditches and up the hill,
we found a herd of cattle
jealously guarding the rock
a few minutes before sunrise.

midsummer is the biggest holiday of the year.
no one sleeps before the sun comes up --
the evening spent
singing, dancing, eating, drinking.
singing more, they built
bonfires, bonfire rafts, bonfires on poles,
bonfires rolling down hills.
hearts alight all night
stay awake in anticipation of dawn.

one brave country boy
got the herd to follow him to the next meadow.
we dashed around the mindless flock,
clambered up the rock.
the color of the sky at daybreak
warmed cool shadows,
fanned exhilaration -- our bodies
soothed by the heating stone.

weak and sated, and with remaining strength,
we made it home to doze
on the porch. and, night arrived again.

31 lines, free verse

Writer's Camp Prompt:
Write a poem or short story using the following (in bold) somewhere in the text:
"color of the sky at daybreak"

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