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A sweet raccoon girl meets up with her 6'6 rabbit boyfriend to spend some time in the rain
         It was a marvelously beautiful summer day in Cleanescent Park. The sun shined bright, the wind blew calmly, and the tulips smelled lovely. Among the many hybreeds enjoying the park, Alan was shooting baskets at the court. The 6'6 rabbit boy was trying to break his record of 52 free throws in a row. So far, he was unsuccessful. On a 32nd free throw in a row, Alan missed the next one. Frustrated, he growled and stomped on the ground. He was about to grab the basketball when his long ears heard something nearby. They perked up towards the sound and he turned around. Standing behind the court fence, gripping it and leaning over, was the girl that deeply adored him. His sweet, charming lover, Nayana Coon.

         The shy raccoon girl looked at him with a gaze of longing. Her striped tail wagged as Alan slowly walked over to her. The court fence was between them as he stood in front of her. His face was calm, nonchalant, and cool. Nayana absolutely loved it.

         "Hey, Fluffy," Alan said in a deeply calm tone. His coolness made Nayana shiver with excitement. She adored this guy more than anything. "How you doing?" he asked her.

         "Oh. I'm doing good," she replied mildly, looking away. "I'm just wandering through the park. Enjoying the summer weather." Alan clutched the fence and leaned against it. Nayana looked up at him. He was so, so tall. Tall, lean, and well-toned muscles. Alan truly had the body of a basketball player. The rabbit boy yawned slowly.
         "Mind if I join you?" he asked. "I'm getting kinda tired of shooting hoops." Nayana blushed, her mask marked face turning a slight shade of pink.

         "Sure," she said quietly. Alan loved how shy Nayana was. It was so amusing to him. He walked around the fence and once he was by her side, he put his arm around her.

         "C'mon babe, let's go," he said. Nayana felt her face become even warmer as she giggled and hid her face with her hands. She loved when he called her "babe." The lovers walked down the stone path leisurely. Nayana, wanting to return Alan's affectionate gesture, put her arm around his waist, embracing him gently. Alan sighed slightly out of pleasure, but still maintained his calm, composed face. As they walked past the park's tulips, they sniffed the air to enjoy their sweet scents. The tulips were not the only thing Nayana smelled, though.

         Alan's scent, from all his time on the court, was much stronger than usual. With him being so close, her sensitive nose filled with his aroma. It was so arousing it made her eyes water. She couldn't help but sigh from the overwhelming joy she felt. Alan looked at her and saw her watery eyes. He knew her well enough to realize her tears were from joy. Although Alan's cool, calm, nonchalant expression did not show it, he was also delighted. He simply loved that Nayana adored him so much. With that and her personality and interests, there was no other girl as perfect for him as she was.

         Usually Alan was rough and forceful, but he always tried his best to treat Nayana gently. Holding her closer, he turned his head and gently kissed the top of her head. Nayana sighed and hugged Alan tighter, rubbing her cheek on his chest. Alan held in a small chuckle as she affectionately cuddled him.

         "So," he said casually. "How're those cooking lessons going?"
         "Heh. They're going very well," Nayana replied. "I think my tomato and mozzarella panini came out good. I wish I could've let you try it." Alan's mouth watered at the mention of Nayana's delicious meal. Her food was always the most delicious he ever had. No wonder she wanted to pursue cooking as a career. He licked his lips and gave a small 'mmm.'

         "I wish I could've tried that," he said. "You know I love tomatoes." Nayana giggled, gently hiding her smile with her fist.
         "I know you love veggies, Bigwig," she cooed. When Nayana said 'Bigwig,' Alan couldn't help but smirk. He held Nayana tighter and snickered faintly.

         "Thanks for the compliment," he said. Being called Bigwig was a great compliment to Alan. It was the name of his favorite book character. He brushed back his long, straight black hair and whipped it away from his face. Nayana loved it when he did that.

         Soon, the couple found a comfy bench and sat down together. Alan yawned and stretched, showing off his impressive arms. He casually put his hands behind his head and leaned back. Nayana looked endearingly at him, waiting for his permission to cuddle with him. Alan lay still with his eyes closed for a while. Soon, he opened one eye and gave her an arrogant glance. Nayana smiled widely and brought her hands to her cheeks. Alan rolled his eyes and sighed.

         "You need my permission to hold me, babe?" he said in a tad impatient tone. Nayana giggled and wrapped her arms around her lover, snuggling up to his chest. Her tail started wagging with delight. Alan lowered one arm to return her cuddle.
         The lovers cuddled for a while, enjoying the peaceful quiet of the park. However, the quiet was suddenly disturbed by a familiar obnoxious voice.

         "Awwww! Look at the cute little bunny couple," the voice said. Alan immediately knew who it was. The Mastralian accent was a dead giveaway. It was Kole. Alan opened his eyes and saw Kole standing in front of them, making very annoying movements to express teasing adoration. Seriously. When will this bastard ever learn? Nayana looked up at the Tasmanian devil teen and gave a dull stare of annoyance. Kole continued to tease them. "You guys are just sooooooo cute," he said sarcastically. "So mushy, fushy, pushy. So furry, wurry, gurry." Kole made a disgusting snarl that only Tasmanian devils can make. It made Nayana flinch and she held Alan tighter. Alan simply watched with a bleak expression, his annoyance broiling inside. "What a romantic little lot you are," Kole continued. He made a small wave goodbye. "I'll leave you love bunnies alone now." With a flick of his tail, Kole walked away confidently. With Nayana by Alan's side, he finally got away with messing with him. At least that's what he thought, until Alan spoke up behind him.

         "Very cute, Kole," he said. "I'll have to beat your ass three times harder than usual when I go back to the harbor." Kole stopped in his tracks and swallowed hard. His black fur turned a smidge whiter. He heard Nayana giggling. Kole lowered his head and moaned. Looks like he'll have to hide in a trash can for a while. When he finally left, Nayana giggled and nuzzled Alan's cheek. She gave him a tender kiss and cuddled him again.

         "You're the coolest, Alan," she said adoringly. Alan sighed and held Nayana close again. Full of joy for being with his doting lover, he looked up at the beautiful sky. At least, he thought it would be a beautiful sight. It was not, though. Dark clouds were beginning to cover the sky, just starting to block out the sun. Alan was no weather expert, but he knew exactly what was approaching. He moaned in disappointment and Nayana lifted her head in response.
         "What's wrong, Alan?" she asked. Nayana quickly noticed how dark it had suddenly become. She also realized the park was quickly clearing. All the people were running to escape the incoming downpour.

         "Well, fuck," Alan groaned. He stood up, making Nayana release her grip on him. "We need to get out of here before the rain starts."

         "Awww," Nayana whined. She also stood up and clutched Alan's arm, rubbing her cheek against his toned triceps.

         "C'mon, babe. Let's get out of here before it starts raining," he said firmly. Nayana loosened her grip on Alan's arm and looked up at him. He looked down at her with his casual gaze and enjoyed the view of his lover's beautiful eyes. Her admiration of him was just so lovely. He gently caressed her cheek, making her blush and turn away slightly.

         Alan and Nayana walked briskly as the thunder began to sound. Nayana couldn't help but giggle. It was a hopeless situation. There was no way they could escape this rain. Drizzles of drops were already falling on their heads. They were just outside the park when the rain began to pick up significantly.

         "Oh dear," Nayana said softly with a smile. "I don't think we'll make it to a safe place. We're gonna get soaked."

         "Well, too bad," Alan said. "Water won't hurt us. Just stay close to me." The couple rushed on the stone path leading to Old Pinderlock. A town that was once a place they had to be cautious in. Though there were still some punks here and there, it was a much better place than it used to be. Sadly, they were about to run into trouble.

         By the time they arrived at Old Pinderlock, the rain was close to falling full force. They needed to find a safe place to hide from the downpour. Nayana began to run, so Alan did as well. Alan could have easily outrun her, but he wanted to stay by her side. So, he ran at only a fraction of his impressive top speed.

         "Hurry! That gazebo!" Nayana bellowed, trying not to laugh from joy. Despite the situation, she was still overjoyed to be with the guy she admired most. The rain finally started coming down hard. Now they were getting soaked. By the time they reached the roofed gazebo, they were dripping and wet. Now safe under the roof, the couple looked at the pounding rain. Nayana stroked her hair and looked up at Alan. When they locked eyes, she giggled. His ears were so wet they were droopier than usual. His long, straight, black hair was soaked. Alan raised an eyebrow at Nayana.

         "Funny, aren't I?" he said. In response to his lover laughing at him, Alan whipped his head side to side, shaking like a soaking wet dog trying to dry off. His hair whipped like leather straps. Nayana laughed and held up her hands to block the flying droplets.
         Alan's shaking ended with a few wags of his stubby, furry white tail. Nayana sighed and gazed at him with her hands cupping her warm, pink cheeks. Alan looked back at her, then, unexpectedly, made a face like he was shocked. His eyes widened and he recoiled a bit. Nayana was very confused, then realized something strange. Alan seemed to be looking at her chest.

         Nervously, Nayana looked down at her soaking wet pink tank top. She gasped at what she saw. Her lovely light pink top was so wet it became somewhat transparent. Her bright blue, frilly undergarments were embarrassingly visible. Nayana quickly covered herself with her arms, curling her tail around her waist out of fear. It was too late, however. Both her and Alan heard rough, hard, wet footsteps approaching. Approaching them now, were a trio of punks. A hyena, a wolf, and a frog. The nasty, smug looks on their faces was all they needed to show what they were up to. The hyena guy licked his lips and gave a perverted snarl.

         "Why're you hiding your goods, cutie?" he laughed. "Ain't you a sweet, sexy babe." His cronies laughed. Nayana backed away, moving closer to Alan.
         "Aw, come on sweetie. Show us your goods. You can't hide them forever," the frog guy said, sticking out his long tongue. Alan's rage was building rampantly. He knew he would have to pound these guys.
         "C'mon, chick, let me see your-," the hyena said as he began to reach for her.
         Immediately, Alan grabbed the hyena punk's hand, pulled him towards him, and landed a direct punch to his face. The punk recoiled and his buddies growled at Alan. Alan walked in front of Nayana, protecting her from the sick bastards. He gave them a deeply intimidating stare and gritted his teeth.

         "Stay away from my girl if you know what's good for you," he sneered. The three punks were surprised at first, but soon snickered, showing no signs of fear.

         "You don't scare us, bunny boy," the wolf punk said. "How do we know that's your chick anyway?" Alan was about to speak, but then he felt Nayana hugging him from the back. She was hiding behind him. The punks looked pissed off when they saw this.

         "Is that proof enough for you?" Alan asked them. The punks looked at Alan, then Nayana, whose shirt was still transparent. Suddenly, the hyena boy approached quickly.

         "C'mon, girl!" he exclaimed. "We just wanna peek at your-," before he could finish his sentence, Alan kicked the punk square in the chest, knocking him down on the ground.

         "Sammy, everyone's on to us," the frog guy said. Sammy looked around and realized his pal was right. Everyone looked like they wanted to pummel them, too. Then, he looked at Alan, who still looked very ticked off. Sammy snarled at him angrily. Alan was not intimidated.

         "You punk!" Sammy shouted. The hyena punk swung at Alan, but he was too swift and dodged every blow. Nayana backed away and watched as Alan fought the perverted freak. After a few dodges, Alan was punched square in the face. However, Sammy and his pals were shocked when Alan hardly reacted to the hit. They backed away when Alan's angry glare intensified. The pissed off rabbit kicked Sammy in the chest again, and he fell beside his cohorts. The frog and wolf angrily lunged at Alan, grabbed his arms, and tried to wrestle him to the ground. Their efforts were in vain, though. Alan lurched his arms upward, knocking away the attackers. Sammy looked on angrily.

         "Simon! Rog! What're you doing? Take him down!" All three punks roared and lunged at Alan. Nayana sat on the gazebo's bench and watched as her beloved Alan easily fought off the punks. They didn't stand a chance. Alan was much taller and faster than them. As he beat them down, the rain continued to fall, soaking them like crazy.

         Though Nayana was so sweet, innocent, and shy, she loved to watch Alan beat up bad guys. She watched in admiration as Alan pummeled the sick bastards. He punched them, kicked them, and even landed a few headbutts. Whenever they hit him, he hardly even flinched and hit right back. Ganging up on him was useless. He threw them off when they tried to tackle him. It was incredible how strong he was. No matter how much the rain fell, his fighting didn't waver. His hair whipped with his movements and his black, spiked vest shined from the wetness. There was something sexy about seeing him soaked like this. Nayana liked it a lot.

         Finally, Alan kicked all three punks with a wide roundhouse. The trio landed flat on their backs with loud thuds. They panted from exhaustion and looked up at Alan. Now, as the rain showered them all, Alan's enraged eyes mentally drilled holes in their nerves. The punks backed away, dragging themselves on the drenched ground. Alan growled angrily.

         "Get lost, freaks!" he shouted. Instantly, the punks stood up and fled, running faster than they ever had. They comically slipped and fell from the slippery ground a few times, getting back up quickly to keep running. Alan watched as they fled, satisfied with how he showed those punks not to mess with him and his girl. Nayana looked at Alan's back, astonished by his strong, tall, dominating presence.

         Unbelievably, as she stared at Alan, the rain began to calm down. Alan slowly turned around to face Nayana. His light blue eyes, which before were fired with rage, now glistened with calm, concern, and desire for affection. As Alan looked at Nayana longingly, the rain slowed to a stop, and the sun began to shine down on them. Seeing her lover in the beautiful sunlight made Nayana go crazy with adoration. Unable to contain herself, she rushed up to Alan. Alan turned around and opened his arms, inviting her into a deep, warm embrace. Nayana ran into him, hugging him tightly, rubbing her cheek against his soaking wet shirt. Alan returned the embrace and held her gently, making sure not to hug too tight.

         "You're so amazing, Alan," Nayana said in a charmingly loving, gentle tone. Alan's heart raced at the sound of her tender voice. He kissed the top of her head and began scratching her behind the ear. The shy raccoon girl squirmed from his ticklish touches. She giggled as she looked up at him. He looked at her with a calm expression, but she could practically see the love in his eyes. Alan, wanting more affection, lightly touched her chin and lifted it up. Nayana knew his intent and slowly closed her eyes. Alan then leaned down and kissed her.

         The kiss started slow and gentle but grew deeper and more passionate. Alan held the back of Nayana's head and pulled her closer. Nayana wrapped her arms around the tall rabbit boy's neck. She stood on her tiptoes and Alan leaned lower. Their height difference was so great it was almost comical. Their heads turned to consume each other's lips more. Alan worked his tongue playfully into Nayana's mouth, making her moan in pleasure. Alan moved his hands to Nayana's waist, leaning lower and gently caressing her back. Nayana's pleasureful moans and sighs deeply pleased him. Soon, he began to moan himself. The kiss was so passionate, lovely, and longing it made the lovers' hearts race. The now exposed sun shined brightly on them. The rain had ended.

         Eventually, the two lovers parted, gasping from exhilaration. They slowly opened their eyes and gazed at each other. Nayana smiled lovingly at Alan. Adoring his sweet, innocent lover, Alan smiled as well, which was rare for him. The smile was large, too. His mouth was open slightly and he chuckled quietly. Then, Alan looked up at the clearing sky. Spots of blue peeked among the dark, stormy clouds. The rain was over, but probably not for long.

         "Mother nature seems kinda random right now," he said.

         "Well, summer rains are more unpredictable than Kole," Nayana giggled. Alan grinned and nodded. He turned to Nayana and gently tapped her nose with one finger.

         "Thanks for bringing that son of a bitch up," he said. "You reminded me I still need to pound him for annoying us earlier." Nayana laughed and nuzzled Alan's dripping wet shirt. His toughness made him so attractive. Alan sighed, then wiped his drenched hair away from his face.

         "My hair is ruined," he groaned. "I'm gonna go home and dry up." Nayana smiled and released her embrace, backing away.

         "OK," she said. "I think I'm gonna go home, too." The lovers gazed at each other a little bit longer, then Alan brought his hand to Nayana's face and gently caressed her cheek. He always did this to her, and she loved it. Then, he turned away and started running.

         "See you later, fluffy!" he called out to her as he ran home. Nayana watched in adoration as her beloved bunny bad boy ran off. She knew the rain would come back soon. At least her top was dry now. Happy as can be, Nayana ran home as well.

         Hopefully, the next time they see each other, mother nature won't spoil the fun. Then again, Nayana had a good time with Alan despite the rain. Remembering the glorious sights of him beating down those perverts who targeted her, Nayana giggled and blushed as she ran.

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