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Follow the lives of Hailey(secret producer) and Kaleb(aspiring makeup artist)!!!
Kaleb King is not your typical teenager.
Reason number 1: He is a scaredy-cat even though he vehemently denies it.
Reason number 2: He loves make-up and has beautiful long hair.
Can he face all his fears, endure all the bullying and show everyone his true form? Can he find someone who accepts him for who he is?

Hailey Williams is not your typical nerd.
Reason number 1: She isn't shy ; she is sassy and sarcastic and boy, does she know it.
Reason number 2: She anonymously uploads her music remixes on a profile with 1.5K followers .
Can she finally come out of her shell and pursue her dreams openly?Can she reveal herself on her profile to her many followers?Can she find someone who accepts her for who she is?

Here is an invitation to dive into the worlds of those two young teenagers , full of secrets and misunderstandings...
Also hilariously embarrassing situations coupled with the pure understanding of a person to something much more personal....

Updates every other freaking day!!Or more accurately , Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays!!

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