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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2230859
Can I ask you, why?
Warrior Eyes

Art created by love and pain
Broad strokes of red abuse my mind
Warm strokes convince me that you're mine
Vast fields of green, hide under your mahogany feet
Stepping in a direction distancing you from me

Wear these scars with pride
Many silent nights
With Thunder cracking the sky
Giving to me as a gift
Was being able to see you cry

Your heart gets closer every day
For your mind still leads you Astray
Hoping it would concede with time
Hands clenched defending your honor
But who's defending mine?

Screenshots from your Ex
It's just a matter of Time
Cowards way of claiming his innocence
In exchange, he kept his life
While my spirit diminishes

He said he "knows your pattern"
I stood there in disbelief
"She falls out with a dude and runs back to me"
Fear filled his words, but how could this be?
How could this rat have such a hold on my Queen?

The Wind whispers
When a warrior fights no more
His blade bangs against the world
Silencing the cracking Sky
For his blade he never questions,
Unlike your love, he asks why?

Never look into a Warrior's eyes

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