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She would be a dancer, known far away. Written for The Daily Poem: WdC Birthday Edition
From the moment she was born,
Grandmother knew she would be
A dancer, known far away,
"Someday," she'd say. "You will see."

Where ever she should walk, she leapt,
When ever she stood still, she wept,
Until another melody,
Reached her ears, set her feet free.

She danced over all the Earth,
Sashaying around shrub and tree,
She jetéd across canyons wide,
Pirouetting across the sea.

Every where she could, she danced,
Catching someone else's glance.
Every time she would, she chanced,
Falling in a rhythmic trance.

She went on to dance among the stars,
Twirling on board a ship to Mars.
Her feet would be the first to land,
Upon the surface of red sand.

Grandmother said she would be
A dancer, known far away,
She knew of no further place
Than where she would dance today.

Line count: 24
Prompt: Dancing in a strange place
Written for
The Daily Poem  (13+)
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