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Fabulous Fantasy Contest
Filling the night air with songs, the flying
Saucer watched the cricket talk to the night
Owl, as it headed for the highest
Mountain peak (where shooting stars would light up
The sky with banners, more beautiful than
The eye has ever seen, like that of a
Newborn baby; a peaceful existence
Where freshly spoken words would speak volumes.

Writing.Com's birthday celebration
Of twenty years was luminously on
Love. The area was surrounded by
Animals, since they normally don't talk;
It was a surprise to the people that
They did. It caused a chain reaction that
Brought joy to everybody around;
What a joyous reunion of writer's!

Speaking to us about the marvelous
Wonder's of life, the fishes of the sea
Didn't know the meaning of rejection;
It never occurred to them. Families
Banded together in harmony; there
Was no friction whatsoever. To bring
Happiness to the world is their motto;
This is important for us to live by.

Flowers speak to us also about how
They would grow together in perfect peace;
A beautiful way of expressing their
Friendship to Writing.Com. Their gorgeous
Array of colors welcomes us with a
Delightful bouquet, uplifting us in
Every way. Their desire is to
Revive our own creative juices.

To sum this up in a delightful way,
The gist of this poem is to restore a
Variety of imaginations,
Bringing Writing.Com to a place of
Rejuvenation. It would be so nice
To regain the spark of writing that brings
Unity to our lives; its very
Essence is what makes us invincible.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
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