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The weight of words
Poetry of words
Love into Joy
Hate to despair
All are just words
Confusion and delusion
Tears toward solitude
Simple letters of the alphabet
Happiness followed passion
Anger led to Hostility
Strung together to render meaning
Hopeful ushers the adored
Ugly shadows the exposed
But beyond the words
Curious brings forth the inquisitive
Lonely leaves the depressed
Resides the power
Heartbroken escorts the helpless
Devastated attends the frightened
To impact the world
Excited accompanies the merry
Satisfied squires the thankful
In feelings, thoughts, and creeds
Bitter becomes the violated
Blessed holds hands with the faithful
Letters carved into words
Pessimistic impels the disappointed
Optimistic embarks on the uplifted
The shaping of a child's psyche
Haunted triggers the lost
Enchanted entice the exhilarated
The building of one's ego
Unaccepted plunged into shame
Pleased invites the replenished
Construction of Relationships
Valued births the appreciated
Burdened laden the anxious
All of this and more
Can be brought about by words
Words can write the verse of harmony
Or be the instrument of destruction
Words can build a bridge
Or breach a sacred promise
Use them wisely
Be the seed that harvests well
Script the words to tell the golden story

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