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A dream for the furute
My lips I could feel formed a definite smile as I woke
It was due to a dream, a dream so warm and comforting
It is a recurring dream, but an ever changing dream
My dream locales vary; some are stark and bare without scenery
The other sites are more flowing and magical
The cast of characters in my dream are never the same
Yet they are always vivid and real

The dreams never bring me fear, only hope
The dreams bring motivation and strength
At the end of my dreams, I aspire to be a better person
To tell those that I love how much they mean to me
To hug those closest to me for time is never guaranteed
To offer kindness where possible
To understand the meaning of empathy

The dreams spark a new found energy to conquer the world
To make dreams come true and reach all goals
The dreams remind me to live in the moment
To find the joy with all that I have
To share the electricity of life
If I could but just hold on to this power each day
My personal imperfections could not hold me back

My dreams involve loved ones
People that I have known and lost
Friends that have touched my heart
The cast appears in my dreams to offer comfort from worry
Their appearance is to provide me support or remind me of undying love
Hope in knowing the real reason for my aspirations
These visions depict an indescribable beauty

In these dreams, I can hold the hand of my mother
I can know that she is safe and happy
My mother and father in law appear together dancing as at our wedding
With all the joy that heaven offers
There is a woman that I considered my grandma, Heidi was her name
She is always there with arms wide open
Encircling the child version of me in the warmth of a hug

I can see the sister of my childhood friend, taken too young
She plays as she was, with the purity of a child
There are generations of people that pass through my dreams
Whether I ever met them or not, I know instantly who they are
For they had a purpose in the person that I am
I see Father Hartlein in these dreams gathered with many around
His flock listening to his jokes and his voice resonates as he sings at the stable

These dreams are an incredible experience of love
The serenity and calm are inspiring moments for the living
There is glory in knowing that though our time here is limited
There is a place that waits, welcoming us on the next leg of our journey
A journey so grand that it affords no ending
Only hope, comfort, and love for those left behind
This glorious eternity is a vision for which to strive

If everyone could experience the beauty of such dreams
The world would know how nice life can be and goodbye is only in this moment
How if we wake each morning trying to share that smile
Our loved ones will forever and always
And even in our dreams know their worth
I vow to live each day and always to know
That if my time to visit others in their dreams comes
The love I leave behind will also leave a smile on someone's lips

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