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Rated: XGC · Poetry · Satire · #2234672
This guy is uncouth, misogynistic, a substance abuser, swears and his girl just left him.
Yesterday, me girl and me, we were doing fine
We had big plans for the future, we weren't driving fuckin blind
But today I sit here on my own...I'm so fuckin forlorn
One minute we were fuckin good, and the next, she was gone

Don't ask me why it had to end, maybe my issues were to blame
There are only two certainties in life...they are sadness and fuckin pain
And neither of them are very much fun, of that I can attest
Don't kid yourself your dreams will come true, but still, do your fuckin best

Do the tears that I cry make me less of a man?
If I punch a hole in the wall, does it help you understand?
Life is so frustrating when someone goes and fucks your plans
So what if you don't love me...do you think I give a damn?

Don't ask me why the good die young, and bad get fuckin rich
Or why an honest guy like me gets fucked over by his bitch
Some people find themselves in bad situations, they don't really fuckin see
Then bleat about how life really sucks, and the old, “Fuckin why me?”

I'll tell you why you fool, it's 'cause you’re so fuckin dumb
You never learn your lessons, and you'll always be a bum
So don't ever fuckin ask me why because I'm so fuckin done
Get outta here you fuckin dog, crawl under the rock from where you come

People really shit me when they ask why I'm so mad
Me fuckin girlfriend left me, how should I feel you fuckin slag?
And don't think you're replacing her, 'cause I've still got standards bitch
Go down the pub and suck for piss, but don't go spreading that fuckin itch

The world's gone fuckin crazy, I'm the only one who's sane
A mob of fuckin loopers, tweakers, and other stupid names
You'll never see me on any drugs 'cause I'm not the sharing kind
But if you have some spare, I'll be the best friend you'll ever find

I'd better stop my ranting, or they'll come take me away
Like the last time that they did, and told me I was fuckin gay
I said look mate, I was in prison, does that really fuckin count?
He looked close enough to a girl for me...and I was confused, there is no doubt

So to end this fuckin story, please don't ask me fuckin why
I wrote this in the first place because I am so fuckin fly
And if that fuckin bitch who left me ever wants me back
I'll lie that I have changed my ways, and I'm no longer that maniac

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