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Tyler has a new client
Tyler looked away from the monitor screen, the corners of his mouth pulling into a frown as they landed on the brightly colored arachnid that sat on the corner of his desk.

"You don't belong here." Tyler glowered at the spider.

"I'm sorry, the secretary said-" the spider started in a tentative voice.

"The secretary said what?" he snapped, leaning closer.

The spider raised its forelegs, perhaps in a soothing gesture or to ward off the human.

"I think you'll find this case worth your time. The secretary thought as much. You'll see the initial deposit has already been posted to your account." The tarantula spoke intently.

"Is that so?" Tyler turned back to the monitor screen, bringing up his financial account. His mouth hung agape for a moment before he snapped it shut, folding his hands together.

"Forgive my rudeness, Mr?"

"Mr. Theraphosa. Pleased to make your acquaintance." The tarantula sounded pleased.

That was how Tyler came to work for a spider.
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