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From dust we arise, from ashes we return
Nothing left. And I want to give up
Let it all slip away.
Let the razor blade slip
Let it all bleed out
Watch everything slip away
Let it all turn blurry
Just for a moment
Before the flame gets snuffed out.
Incinerated like a gypsy moth that flew
Inside an oil lamp.
Icarus burned his wings when he flew
Too close to the sun.

Fall down to the earth, but not gently
Fall. Quickly, unceremoniously

Just a pile of broken
Bones and flesh
Puddles of blood
All morphing together with the landscape.
The dirt mixes in to make a thick, dark, red ink
A perfect way to end the starry night
Alone in the crowd. Faceless. Nameless.

Barbed wire wraps around my limbs
It encircles my body
Cuts into my throat,
But no one sees.
No one knows how to see
We've forgotten how...

Everyone for themselves
It's all just ashes now
Back to the dust
From which we all came.
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