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Chapter II of the Elf rebellion stories of wizarding world (Harry Potter fan fiction)
Broot picked up the copy of 'The Daily Prophet' Kritter rolled across his desk, flattened it out and stared at the first page. "Where is it?"

Kritter had been the eyes and ears of the organisation for five years, ever since the Elves decided to have a representative body.

"Here," he pointed with a stubby finger, "an elf named Kranky and another one. They ambushed a witch at Magnolia Crescent and duelled with none other than Harry Potter."

Broot looked up at Kritter with his tennis ball sized eyes and caressed the side of his head, a reminder of the assault by his former masters.

"Harry Potter, eh? He hasn't been much of a supporter, has he? Wants to disband the ministry of elfish welfare I've heard." He growled.

"That's not the point. The point is these incidents must be stopped. It's a disgrace to the community. Wizards never wanted the freedom to the elves and incidents like these, at a time when all over Britain elves are uniting under a common leader, might set us back for ages. A common elf doesn't want freedom, he wants slavery."

"Hey, Auger!" Bellowed Broot.

He picked up a cigar from his case on the desk, bit off an end and offered one to Kritter who refused with a wave of his head. Broot lit the cigar with a snap of his fingers.

Auger came to the door and Broot threw the newspaper at his face and stood up, "Find out who's this Kranky and his friend. Bring the two bozos over to me for questioning."

Auger bowed his head, screeched "Victory to Dobby", and disapparated.

"Mordant wouldn't like it! Not one bit!" He mumbled.

He was almost four feet tall, giant by elf standards and muscular, with a body that looked sculpted out of stone.

Kritter drummed his fingers on the desk as he watched Broot pacing up and down the room, puffing at the little cigar emanating a green smoke that smelled like burnt rubber.

"We must ask for fifty... no sixty percent reservations in the Ministry of Elfish Welfares," said Broot coming back to business, "and a Wizengamot representation for cases involving Elfs. We must demand the abolishment of the term 'house elf'. It's derogatory."

Kritter noted it down on a piece of parchment with an acid green quill, muttering under his breath. He looked up and said, " You should come out with an interview. Tell them who we are and what do we want! That will stop this abuse."

"Mordant wouldn't approve."

Kritter stood up and yelled, "What's all this got to do with a goblin?"

"What's this got to do with Mordant?" Broot demanded with a cringed face and a low voice. "Mordant funds this enterprise. Mordant believed in our cause even before the other elves did. When the Dolohov's tortured me, when the death eaters abused me, made me do horrific crimes, I had nowhere to go. It took all my courage to run away, disobey a direct order. Do you know how It feels to disobey a direct order, comrade? It makes you suicidal. Ask your mother, maybe she remembers. I had to train day and night," he screamed.

"Day and night! To keep my mind off killing myself. That's when Mordant took me in and gave me a purpose. He is the reason you know Dobby and his sacrifice and not his treachery. He is the reason why elves all around Britain are writing to Hermoine Granger for equal status! He is the reason why Aurors are not breaking down that front door and throwing us in Azkaban," Broot had, in his frenzy, crushed the cigar in half and the tip was burning his ugly brown flesh. He didn't care.

There was a loud crack in the doorway and Auger entered with two elves squirming in his arms. A short and stout white elf and a dark brown elf wearing an old tea cosy, mark of his servitude.

"You must be Kranky."

The dirty elf with a tea cozy started to plead.

"Forgive me, great leader, forgive me."

"Your actions have been selfish. Extortion, assault and disobedience to the Elfish code of conduct."

Kranky clapped his hands together and went down on his knees.

"Won't do that again. Won't do that ever."

Broot strode over to his desk and pulled out an old, dusty cardboard box. He opened the box and with deliberate care, took out a thirteen-inch piece of wood that looked like a cane. He pointed it at Kranky's chest.

Kritter's eyes widened and before he could hold him off, Broot yelled, "Avada Kedavra". A flash of green light and Kranky slumped on the floor, limp. His huge orb-like eyes frozen and wide, Broot turned around the other and said, "Don't let me catch you again."
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