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Shadows and Light Poetry Contest

It's time for admiration,
A time for respect.
When we needed to speak with
Adults, who had more wisdom
Then we did, would stand
Behind Us. As teenagers,
We tried our best
To pull the wool over them.
When we got Into
Trouble, we thought that we knew
More than they did, but,
We didn't. A gentleman
Opened up car doors
For a lady by being
Polite. It was nice
Of them to be thoughtful and
Considerate towards
Them. When we're younger, we should
Show our respect
Toward our seniors,
And let them go on ahead
Of us when we are
standing In line.

Remember the time when we had
To go somewhere? It was the
Parents who drove us there.
When the girls were asked out on
A date to go to the prom, the young
Boys wore tuxedoes, while the girls
Wore beautiful evening gowns.
The guys would buy an orchid to pin
On her dress. It was considered
Prim and proper to have good
Manners. Young
Adults don't take the time to do
These things. It's time to show some
Respect; The traditions should
Be put back into our lives. If we
Practice these things, the world we
Live in would be a much better place.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, December 7, 2020

40 Lines

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