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A poem dedicated to my mom who collected and painted cardinals.
Red Bird in Snow

This feathered fellow has much to show.
Symbolic and regal, like a Cardinal’s robe.
True to one mate alone for life and love.
Thought to bring good fortune, sun from above.

My mother adored this scarlet flying dream.
She painted him in various scenes, a constant theme.
Now when I spy one, I sense her spirit within me.
Such beauty, on a snowy branch, a grand sight to see.

Every culture claims traits for this lovely guy.
Christians, Native Americans, Egyptians, Greeks.
The female, a warm brown in the background, so devoted.
A typical male, vibrant showman, takes all notice.

A beautiful contrast to a virgin white cover.
His signature red, a king’s chosen color.
Nature looks with pride and hope as he arrives.
Brings peace to all so; even in death, love survives.

By Kathie Stehr
Feb 17, 2021

Dedicated to Dorothy Carpenter (1920-2003)
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