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Two girls have to make a return trip
"We need to turn around!"
"Geez, why!"
" I forgot to lock the door. If Reno figures it out, he is out of there."
"Could you not have remembered this sooner? We are fifteen minutes out. By the time we turn around and get back to your house to lock the door, then get back to where we are now, we will have lost at least thirty minutes. I am dying to get to the beach!"
"Thanks for the math lesson. Now, will you please just turn around? If he gets loose, there could very well be a bloodbath on my hands."
"You know, this would not be an issue if you owned a normal pet like a normal person." Crystal pulled into a random driveway and then pushed the selector up into Reverse. "But, nooo. You just had to get something off-the-wall!" Crystal glanced over her shoulder at the road. "Do I have it?"
"Yes. There isn't anything coming." Crystal backed the car out of the drive and pointed it toward Ashley's house. "Normal is boring."
"I'm normal," Crystal said as she pushed the gas pedal further toward the car's floor. "Normal people keep the world spinning in an orderly fashion. It's people like you who want to knock the planet off its axis and spin us into oblivion."
"The world has been fine so far with people like me here. Besides, you wouldn't know what to do with yourself if you didn't have me. We compliment each other. You love me." Ashley glanced at the dashboard. Crystal knew what she was thinking.
"Am I not driving fast enough for you? I'm not getting pulled over because you can't keep your head on your shoulders."
"I'm nervous, is all."
"Well, maybe because you have a Mythical beast as a pet!"

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