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My answer to the three questions about creating my own world.
  1. What kind of world will you create?

  2. How will you make it happen?

  3. Why HR matters?

Creating world and what kind? This question seems so simple yet bears its intricacies which made my mind wonder. This brings me to procrastinate for quite a while until I awake my contemplating self into a world where everyone is happy. Yes, this is the world I wanted to create - a world where positivity thrives, a world where we can wear our genuine smiles, and a world where chaos has no room to thrive. I know this sounds surreal and idealistic based on the real world we live in but this is not beyond possible. We are the one who dictates what world we wanted to have, what world we wanted to establish. We are the one who mold our world through our efforts, our deeds, our characteristics, our attitudes and our diverse individualities.

According to Sydney J. Harris, "Happiness is a direction, not a place". This could only mean that when we do things at our happiest moments, we could do more than what we expected. It is when we are happy that we are much motivated to do our best and to accomplish even the most difficult task at hand. Happiness drives optimism, and optimism ripples to myriad knowledge and insights which in turn would help improve our way of living.

A happy world is not so hard to achieve, only if one is disciplined and accepts each other's limitations. Our individual differences and limitations if not handled accordingly will tamper everyone's judgement which often results to chaos. In order to prevent this and make this "HAPPY WORLD" happen, everyone must know and learn how to accept. Acceptance dissipates criticisms. If everyone in this world learns to accept one another, then this kind of world will be established. I know the fact that acceptance can't be deployed in just a blink of the eye, notwithstanding, the different cultures that brought us, the norms and traditions are molded with, our different beliefs, and the way we are reared and raised. These are but a few of the factors which will prohibit us from doing this.

This is where Human Relations (HR) comes in. This is not hard to master. Good human relations skills can be taught, can be learnt and acquired through education and experience. With good human relation, it would be easier to mitigate or best, vanquish any conflicts that one will encounter.

In the end, a world with little to no conflict creates positive vibes to everyone. And this is the world I wish to have.

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